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Hello everybody! First of all, nice to meet you guys! I´m new here and must say: I´m stunned with this forum! It´s fucking great!
Ok... no more bla bla stuff ;)
I was looking around and saw some guys asking about a BT for Eric Clapton´s Running on Faith (great song by the way), well here it is (it´s the "unplugged" version)! Hope you enjoy (Ow, and the file format is WMA, sorry)!

BTW, I don´t want to start asking for stuff but I MUST ask If some of you have a DESCENT BT for Steve Vai´s "Warm Regards" I´ve already check two and they are not that good... if someone have it, it would be very appreciated!

Thanks everybody and congrats again for this amazing place!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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