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I just recntly bought a line 6 guitarport to do home recordings with. My pc is a dell inspiron 1525 vista 32 bit type. The recording program on my laptop is ntrack 6.1.

The guitarport drivers are the current ones and I have the latest gearbox 3.72 installed. My problem is that I cannot get rid of audio pops and glitches :mad:

So far I have :

Increased virtual memory to 4GB
Set the buffer on gearbox to lowest quality
Set the sample rate on gearbox to the lowest 128k
Changed the laptop power settings to highest quality

and still those maddening pops and glitches still come :rant: Im running out of ideas what to do here, surely it shouldnt be this difficult. The guys at the line 6 forum were absolutely no help whatsoever.

Can anybody here help me to get recordings out of the guitarport at higher quality settings and without those damned noises that are driving me mad.
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