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Avantasia (2011-08-06) Wacken, Germany
Audios 2.0 and 5.1 Audio fixed!!!
Thanks for your patience and understanding

Lineage for video: Unknown, video stream taken from ulozto dot net (a stuttering 15 fps mess, did my best to make it a decent 25 fps). Audio: Mr. Dingle's Scarecrow of Wacken 2ch (FLAC) & 5.1 DTS upmix using MEGUI (SuperEQ (slow) preset) and boosting speech in center channel and bass in LFE on Magix Soundforge, thought about tweaking the remaining channels but got lazy, rear channel attenuated 3 db with Surcode DTS Pro.
Bereuza provided the ts file to author this DVD. Thanks mate

Chapters: Yes
Menus: Yes
Covers: Yes (They were supporting two releases, so I did a cover for each and a disc layer for each, so you can print what you please)
Authoring and covers by Ancient Mariner

Twisted Mind
The Scarecrow (with Jorn Lande)
Promised Land (with Jorn Lande)
The Story Ain't Over (with Bob Catley)
Reach Out for the Light (with Michael Kiske)
Dying for an Angel (with Michael Kiske)
Death Is Just a Feeling (with Kai Hansen)
Lost in Space
Farewell (with Amanda Somerville)
The Wicked Symphony (with Jorn Lande)
Shelter From the Rain (with Michael Kiske, Bob Catley)
Avantasia (with Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen on guitar)
Sign of the Cross / The Seven Angels (all)

Enjoy the show


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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