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B.B. King 2014-05-28, Columbus, Ohio
Lifestyles Community Pavilion
Columbus Ohio
May 28 2014

Audio Reality Microphone ARMIC 1 > Battery Box > Zoom H2N 16/44.1 > PC > GoldWave > Flac
Stage left lawn about 100 ft back from stacks

01.Introduction Jam 1
02.Introduction Jam 2
03.B.B. King's Introduction by Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman
04.Band's Introduction
05.I Need You So
06.You Are My Sunshine (The Pine Ridge Boys cover)
07.Rock Me Baby
08.The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins cover)
09.Nobody Loves Me But My Mother / Everyday I Have the Blues
10.Darling You Know I Love You
11.Rock Me Baby reprise
12.How Blue Can You Get? (Johnny Moore's Three Blazers cover)
13.When the Saints Go Marching In

With an excellent backing band, BB King still puts on an entertaining show. Although
at 88 years old, well past his prime, his skills have waned a bit. Still touring at 88!
Amazing! Anyway a decent show and a decent recording in my opinion. The crowd was a little
loud at times but pretty respectful until the end. No encore because some jerk threw something
on the stage toward BB. Enjoy!


Link FLAC - Mirror
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