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BABY BELIEVE ME MARK II (feedback welcome!)

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So, I've worked on this! Sorry if ya bored with it but if the same people who heard the previous could comment, I'll have an idea of whether I'm going in the right direction! Not that I'll change it anyway if I think it's right!!!

  • Acoustic not forthcoming so decided to use a more jazzier tone on the intro and outro bits and bobs
  • Changed the solo slightly by using the Wolfgang as it gives more sustain
  • Added twins low in the mix rather than power nice and smooth
  • Re-jigged some of the mix to make everything less prominent
Anyhow, comments welcome. It's still a home produced one for now. :icon_thum
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Chris I really like what you did with the twin leads and fills. It does add dimension throughout the song, the intro sounds great like it is. I can't say that I'm happy to see the power chord rhythms gone in the verse parts, especially at "I don't want to talk about the things I used to say" and the chorus. Having said that, it doesn't change the fact that its a FANTASTIC song and you should be proud of it!! I love it.:icon_thum Thanks for sharing it with us.
There were no power chords in it at all mate-unless you mean the original? :scratch:
wahwah said:
There were no power chords in it at all mate-unless you mean the original? :scratch:
yes, the original.
Ahh...well I woulda been happy to do it that way but the guys wanted a more subtle approach 21 years on! :icon_thum
wahwah said:
Ahh...well I woulda been happy to do it that way but the guys wanted a more subtle approach 21 years on! :icon_thum
What are trying to say you guys are getting old? :toothless That old 80's style still holds strong even today and even though I love the new version, don't mind if I sneak the old version in once and awhile and do the "windmill" power chord air guitar in front of the mirror! :lol:
Real, real sweet Chris:icon_thum Everything has awesome presence here, right from the open!!! I actually like the electrics for the clean rythyms, and the leads are real solid with great tone. Also, the vocals are crystal clear, very striking!!! I think ya did one hellava job on this!!! Master it up!!!! on to the next LOL!!!:icon_peac's my honest opinion!! The guitar fills are really tasty!! The guitar solo rocks!!! :jam: The twin guitars...well, you know how I feel about those!!!!:icon_thum However...I'm not crazy about the clean rhythm tone... if you are gonna go with a clean tone I would suggest trying a different tone....maybe an AC30 style tone. The one you're using now sounds a bit sterile and bassy. Just my opinion, bro! But, it IS a killer song!!!
Bloody hell it's Thin Lizzy :D. Actually I really like the Rhythm guitar tones in this, the only thing is they tend to put a lot more focus on the vocals - be that good or bad. The incidental fills put me in mind of Steve Farris (I think that was his name) from Mr Mister - in fact some of the faded in and abrupt ended riffs that he used to do would work well here. The thin leads are great but I would probably add a little bit of mid eq to thicken them up slightly.

Great version :thumb:
Cool track...Like the arrangement...

Nice chords, melody, The vocals on the outro/fade very nice....Well Played !!!

Thanks for the feedback! Bit of everything in there! The intro and outro clean sounds are done on the neck pickup and as well as being at the bass-end, I think my pc speakers are a bit bottomy as well. I'll have to play it on another system to hear it.

Thanks again. :icon_thum
Sounding good , this vocal really reminds me of early Pat Travers , same tone in his voice , anyway whatever , first thing that sprung into my head about the intro was an urge to use something like a Sustainer pick , to create that surreal floaty feel , or even a ghostly reverse guitar ,Your guitars are sounding better every time , and im just experimenting here ! Chris if you get time just try this for fun ! that is if you dont already know how to do this ,works brilliant on Vocals too......


The song sounds fine , but i want to add strings and a , "dont laugh" Violin , its great fun mixing tracks , and your creating some nice sound scapes here . Song is catchy anyway, which makes the whole mixing process more exciting i guess . Compelling listening indeed !:icon_thum
well from a womans point of view...listening to this it gives me works for me.. i think its great chris you can add too much sugar to the cake and spoil it.... i think its beautifull :icon_thum
I think the intro etc would have sounded less harsh with acoustic in there but not bad all the same !!
Thanks all...keyboard drone to be added to beginning and end! :icon_thum
Well I rather like the bluesy intro guitar stuff, the twin leads :icon_thum
Anyways I think that the clean sound feels just right for this tune.
Dunno I just enjoy it....I never was much weaving speculator as it is, just love the feel of this tune, great solo by the way :D
Thanks rid...I like the tone meself on the beginning bits. Nice to hear the guitar rather than the amp for a change. Solo is getting better but there's a better one yet! :icon_thum
I second the acoustic intro idea, I think it would give the song even more contrast. Not that it's bad, in fact it's a great song, super production, some class stuff.:icon_thum :icon_thum
Well..I agree with Linda here!..I love this... beautifully done...It also gave me chills...:icon_redf
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