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Baby Grand
November 1978
Worcester, MA

Aired live on WAAF-FM, this sounds like a soundboard although there does appear to be static in the quiet spots. There might have been other songs played - this is all that I have.

1 weekend in NJ (fade in)
2 never enough
3 can't keep it inside
4 all night long
5 alligator drive
6 down down down
7 avogadro's number (spliced)
8 walk away Renee
9 much too much
10 it's not a figure salon

Eric Bazilian - guitar
Rob Hyman - keys
David Kagan - vocals
Carmine Rojas - bass
David "Darth" Prater - drum

Avogadro's Number is a song that is not on any album. I haven't heard it on any other live tape. While the band has done a few instrumentals previously, this song sounds more like jazz fusion than anything they ever did.

Drummer David Prater ended up becoming a big producer. He has done albums for Dream Theater, Arcade, Firehouse, Night Ranger and Dirty Dancing (the last one uncredited).

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