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Here is a first of all of my favorite bands bootlegs that I have for your listening pleasure.

A huge thanks to mjk5510 for sharing this on dime.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Agora-Cleveland, OH

FM > Unknown Generation > CDR (received in trade) > Tau Analyzer v1.2 > Flac

01 Don't Get Yourself In Trouble > Little Gandy Dancer
02 Give It Time
03 Welcome Home
04 Hold Back The Water
05 Blue Collar
06 Give Me Your Money Please
07 Let It Ride
08 American Woman
09 Honky Tonk Woman

BTO recorded live at the Agora in Cleveland between the 2nd and 3rd LP's. "Not Fragile" was released in August of '74 and considering that all songs come from the first 2 releases this would lead one to believe early 1974 is the ballpark date.

I have done a few minor things to clean up the disc, made a couple of song transitions a bit smoother and took out 2 dead spaces. I also cut a bit of the underlying hiss and had to boost a noticeable volume loss during "American Woman", there is a possibility this is an LP transfer due to a few minor bits of surface noise.

I ran it through the spectral analysis to make sure there was no lossy lineage.

Overall very good...

Uploaded by the request of a fellow dimer!

mjk5510 -XX-XX-dalmar6677 - Cleveland OH, Agora [SBD].rar
1 - 3 of 3 Posts