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thank yous to all who have shared this one way or the thanks to you.

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Broome County Forum,Binghamton,N.Y. 04/14/85

Source:panasonic Cassette Walkman W/Built In Mic>Sony TC-We325 Home Cassette Deck(Playback)>Harmon Kardon CDR 20 Home Burner>CDR>EAC>Flac. Taped By Boeditaper.

Setlist(Will Fit On 1 Disc):

Hey You
Ready For The Weekend
Rock Is My Life
Blue Collar
My Sugaree
Stayed Awake All Night
Service With A Smile
Lookin Out For #1
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Roll On Down The Highway(See Note Below)
Four Wheel Drive
Takin Care Of Business
Mississippi Queen

Band Personnel:

Randy Bachman-Guitars,Vocals
C.F. Turner-Bass,Vocals
Tim Bachman-Guitars
Gary Peterson-Drums


1)Quality Is About A-/B+(Subjective Of Course)

2)Tape Flip During "Roll On Down The Highway(Not Much Music Missed)

3)The Panasonic Walkman W/Built In Mic Was the first show recorder I ever bought.I bought it in 1983 when I was serving in the navy.Being 20 at the time,and being that I did not have alot of money to purchase high pro recording gear,I bought this recorder at the time.Although it didn't make truly great sounding shows,it was acceptable.It tended to make recordings in the Mid range frequency.If anyone has a program they could use like Cool Edit Pro,perhaps they could EQ the recording and re-post the show.

Enjoy!!!! County Forum-Binghamton,N.Y.rar
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