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bad brains
february 25th, 1981
new york, ny

lineage: sbd->?->?gen cassette->cd [via standalone cd recorder]->eac->wav->sound forge [recompile, balance l+r channels, adjust pitch down, light noise reduction]->cd wave [splits]->flac16 [db power amp, compression: low]->you

filesize: 116 mb

min:sec - 20:08

notes: obtained in cd-r trade, 2005. furious early ny performance - probably only a partial, and a few cassette generations behind it at that. quite a bit of work to bring this gig to its current state: tape ran way too fast when it was transferred to disc, so i recompiled and gave it the treatment. difficult to know if i got the pitch exactly right, as this is easily the fastest, most spirited performance ive heard from the band. no reggae tracks here - this is pure ny hardcore fury. 8 out of 10 quality-wise, in its current state.


02.big takeover
03.banned in dc
04.right brigade
05.destroy babylon to cum
07.rock for light
08.riot squad
09.we will not




bad brains
december 25th, 1981
new york, new york

lineage - sbd->?gen cassette->wav->sound forge 4.5 [noise reduction, normalization]->cd wave [splits]->flac

min:sec - 13:19

filesize: 82 mb

notes: received in a cassette trade sometime during 1989-1991. a few cassette generations behind this, scorching performance still translates well. 8.5 out of 10


01. 12xu
02. dont need it
03. supertouch-shitfit
04. big takeover
05. riot squad
06. i
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