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Bad Brains
Date: 1981-09-03
Venue: (trashamericanstyle) @The Peppermint Lounge, NYC
Sets: 25min
Media: CDR
Number: 1
Source: sbd > cassette (unknown gen) > traded cdr > wav > flac
Quality: B+/A-


01. Supertouch/Shitfit
02. I
03. Attitude
04. F.V.K.
05. Big Takeover
06. Banned In DC
07. Joshua's Song
08. Right Brigade (cut)
09. Destroy Babylon
10. Pay To Cum
11. Rock For Light
12. Riot Squad
13. We Will Not

bonus :

MRR Interview, New York City 1982-05-15


Received this cdr in trade from trashamericanstyle in 2007, labeled as "1982-01-31 Peppermint Lounge".
Fastforward a year or two later, I picked-up djm5000's copy of Peppermint Lounge dated "1981-09-03".
Different shows......or so I thought.
I sent it to smokeydiablo for editing/remastering.
smokey posted his remaster of djm's 1981-09-03 at punktorrents, where it was promptly discovered to be the same show as trashamericanstyle's 1982-01-31, which I'd already upped.
There is no comparison as far as sound quality is concerned, the trash version wins hands-down.
However, the djm5000 version contains exactly "1" more minute of tape (26:05 to 25:05), a complete "Right Brigade" & includes HR's intro to the show, which offers this hint as to the correct date......

HR : "Yeah, so it's been awhile, yeah! Yeah! We went down to (the) southeast coast, North Carolina and Florida and......AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

The trashamericanstyle version begins with that "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

There is a recording of the band playing in North Carolina at a venue called The Station, dated 1981-04-??.
HR probably wouldn't be talking about going down to North Carolina in April 1981 at a show taking place in late January 1982.
September 1981 makes more sense + there's a gig flyer that backs up that date (included).

I've also included a seperate folder with tracks 1 & 8 from djm5000's copy, just in case some tech-savy individual downloads this & feels like doing the patch-job.


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