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Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI
13 April 1976
Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski (ex-)

01 Live For The Music
02 Good Lovin' Gone Bad
03 Simple Man
04 Young Blood
05 Wild Fire Woman
06 Feel Like Makin' Love
07 Deal With The Preacher
08 Ready For Love
09 Sweet Little Sister
10 Shooting Star

01 Run With The Pack
02 Seagull
03 drums >
04 Rock Steady
05 Honey Child
06 Can't Get Enough
07 E: Bad Company

Kansas opened (see below)

Sony TC-152SD Tape Recorder
Sony ECM-99 Stereo Microphone
Maxell cassettes
Mastered and FLAC'ed by Carl Morstadt

Master Cassette -> Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck with azimuth correction -> M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 -> CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files -> Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) -> CDWAV (track breaks) -> dBpowerAMP Audio Converter (24-bit/96-KHz wav files converted to 16-bit/44.1 KHz wav files) -> FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment)
FLAC files tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger
No EQ'ing.

links require copy and paste to browser
megaupload links AND the Opening Act (Kansas)! available on my blog below
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