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****Thanks to Looney99 for sharing this on Dime.****

Mainichi Hall
Osaka, Japan
Audience recording
Super Kiki's CDR copy (unknown gen)

Running time:
86:47 min

I don't think this show has ever been on Dime before. According to <>, this was the 3rd Badlands concert ever. Many thanks to my friends Super Kiki and Marcio (the latter AKA fellow Dimer Catatau). Tape gen and taper are unknown. Known low gen upgrade anyone? I've created this info file and fingerprint files, nothing else was changed by me. Enjoy!


Disc 1
01. Hard Driver
02. Ball & Chain
03. Dancing on the Edge
04. Winter's Call
05. Aimless Lady (Grand Funk Railroad cover)
06. Rumblin' Train
07. Seasons
08. Devil's Stomp
09. Rock Steady (Bad Company cover)
10. Jade's Song
11. Dreams in the Dark
12. Streets Cry Freedom (cut out)
13. Intrumental snippet (cut in+out)

Disc 2
01. Lord Knows
02. High Wire
03. All Right Now (Free cover)
04. Get Ready (The Temptations cover)

Ray Gillen (R.I.P.) - Vocals
Jake E. Lee - Guitar
Greg Chaisson - Bass
Eric Singer - Drums!ibw0SYyR!A7XF7t54Lw13uXRjX4Nfag
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