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Here's a sweet show from a great band
That seemed to have slipped on by
After searching found there was only one survuing show from them on this board and decided to dig this one out
Figured if i take one i should try and give one back
So Enjoy!

Be Bop Deluxe
BBC Rock Hour
Recorded April 26, 1978
Hippodrome, UK

Quality: EX+

Be Bop Deluxe give their first live performance
of most of the material for their album Drastic Plastic

New Precision
Dangerous Stranger
Island of the Dead
Panic in the World
Lovers are Mortal
Love in Flames
Blazing Apostles

Band members:
Bill Nelson: guitar & lead vocals
Andy Clark: Keyboards and vocals
Charlie Tumahai: bass guitar, percussion and vocals
Simon Fox: drums

Thanks to the original torrent uploader

Unpack this file with winrar or 7zip

1 - 11 of 11 Posts