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Another one for all those of you who download BBD shows. I know now that there are many more of you than admit it here in public! :sssh:

Be Bop Deluxe - The Cathedral, Philadelphia - 12 Mar 1976

Originally an FM recording, but the version I have on CDR must be several generations away from the master. I've done some work on it to try to improve it, The sound is mostly OK - average/good rather than very good. Since BBD shows are so rare, I thought I'd put it up here anyway.

Worst sound quality is on Fair Exchange (there's a jump at 3:15), and on No Trains To Heaven (especially between 1:00 and 1:30).

50 mins, 320Kbps MP3

1. radio intro 0:38
2. Fair Exchange 5:04
3. Stage Whispers 3:56
4. Life In The Air Age 6:25
5. Crying To The Sky 5:02
6. Ships In The Night 4:21
7. Sister Seagull 4:18
8. Maid In Heaven 3:21
9. Blazing Apostles 13:08
10. No Trains To Heaven (fades out) 4:29
each file is about 60MB

Sorry about the wildly out-of-tune synth, but that was a big problem in those days!


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one of my favorite bands. Bill Nelson is an amazing guitar player. love this stuff. got about 13 be bop shows & all the studio releases. thanks for the show!
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