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I assume if you are reading this you are a Beach Fan of some type.
We have reached the end of the year and the Beach Boys released a couple of DVDS, Remaster Stereo CDs and a new Studio CD. Hope you bought them.
They did not release any type of Live reunion CD from their past concert
this year. Most fans were hoping for a reunion CD of that tour.

The best was a half a concert on their latest DVD, around 21 songs.
They did 60 different songs throughout the whole concert. At a typical
concert they did around 40 some songs, more towards the end of the tour.
I have around four soundboards of some type from this tour. I took the
Chiba Japan concert, August 16, 2012, which was the most complete
soundboard and added from 3 or so other soundboards, songs not played or
shared on that concert. I ended up with 40 songs from soundboard. I
blended about 8 songs into the Chiba soundboard where they might have
been sung in another concert. It worked pretty well.

On the 20 other songs, that were not soundboard, I listened to dozens of
concerts, hundreds of songs, and took what I consider the best quality
for that song. I found out that most of the songs I liked came from
the Melbourne Australia concert.

The 2CD set and bonus CD I shared a few months ago doesn't have the
quality or all the songs that this set I have compiled. I really think
you will really enjoy this 3 CD set that I am sharing.

I would like to thank those who shared the soundboards and concerts
through out the tour. Without them this would not be possible.

I am very open-minded to anyone that can share anymore soundboard or
what you think is a better quality song, please share with me or the
others reading this post.

Enjoy my Christmas Gift to You!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Chiba Japan - Aug 16th, 2012 - SBD (Modified)
01 Do It Again.mp3
02 Little Honda.mp3
03 Catch a Wave.mp3
04 Hawaii.mp3
05 Don't Back Down.mp3
06 Surfin' Safari.mp3
07 Surfer Girl.mp3
07b THe little girl I once knew.mp3
07c Please Let Me Wonder.mp3
08 Don't Worry Baby.mp3
09 Little Deuce Coupe.mp3
10 409.mp3
11 Shut Down.mp3
12 I Get Around.mp3
13 That's Why God Made the Radio.mp3
14 Sail on, Sailor.mp3
15 Heroes and Villains.mp3
15b Marcella.mp3
16 Isn't It Time.mp3
17 Why Do Fools Fall in Love.mp3
18 When I Grow Up (to Be a Man).mp3
19 Cotton Fields.mp3
20 Forever.mp3
21 God Only Knows.mp3
22 All This Is That.mp3
23 Sloop John B.mp3
24 Wouldn't It Be Nice.mp3
25 Then I Kissed Her.mp3
26 Good Vibrations.mp3
27 California Girls.mp3
27b Dance dance dance.mp3
27c All Summer Long.mp3
27d In My Room.mp3
28 Help Me, Rhonda.mp3
29 Rock and Roll Music.mp3
29b Do you wanna dance.mp3
30 Surfin' USA.mp3
31 Kokomo (with Christopher Cross).mp3
32 Barbara Ann (with America).mp3
33 Fun, Fun, Fun (with America).mp3

You have successfully uploaded a file called ChibaJapan-08-16-2012-SBD(Modified).rar (243.5 MB) to sendspace.

Use the following link to retrieve your file:

Bonus Songs - Live 2012 (Not SBD)
Add Some Music to Your Day (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Ballad of Ole Betsy-1 (Intro)(Irvine, CA).mp3
Ballad of Ole Betsy-2 (Irvine, CA).mp3
Be True to Your School (Melbourne, AU).mp3
California Dreamin' (Melbourne, AU).mp3
California Saga-California (Irvine, CA).mp3
Come Go with Me (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Darlin' (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Disney Girls (1957) (Perth, AU).mp3
Getcha Back (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Good Timin' (Melbourne, AU).mp3
I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Melbourne, AU).mp3
It's OK (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Kiss Me, Baby (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Let Him Run Wild (Melbourne, AU).mp3
Our Prayer (London, UK).mp3
Pet Sounds (Morrison, CO).mp3
Still Cruisin' (London, UK).mp3
Summer's Gone.mp3
This Whole World (Pittsburgh, PA).mp3
Wendy (Grand Prairie, TX).mp3
You're So Good to Me (Melbourne, AU).mp3

You have successfully uploaded a file called BonusSongs-Live2012(NotSBD).rar (134.8 MB) to sendspace.

Use the following link to retrieve your file:

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Thanks. Be very wary people! Sendspace initially downloaded an .exe file. When opened to download the music file, there is a whole bunch of crap that it wants you to install. Be careful of what you agree to!! Not a wholly agreeable situation in my eyes but I read the fine print.

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thanks you need to click in the blue box that says 'start download from sendspace' don't click any of the other boxes labelled download.

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These looks fabulous, but after clicking either link I do not see any download link remaining in Safari when I "remove ads"-it just pops to a free/pro/whatever upgrade page, with no way to select "free."

In Firefox I get the same.


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The Beach Boys are officially releasing a double cd next month. I have a 3rd FLAC cd in the works to compliment their 2 CDs of the songs they left off.

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Thanks for this. Tobysboots it does work took me a few attempts. Unclick the box as someone above mentioned. It really does work fine.
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