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August 30. 2008

01 Intro
02 A Garage Dayz Nite
03 Sandman
04 A Ticket to Ride
05 Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band
06 Helvester of Skelter
07 And Justice For All My Loving
08 Revol-ooh-tion
09 Please Me
10 And I'm Evil
11 Run For Your Life
12 The Thing That Should Not Let It Be
13 Hero of the Day Tripper
14 All You Need is Blood
15 Battery
16 For Horsemen
17 Blackened the U.S.S.R.
18 Leper Madonna
19 Ktulu (He's So Heavy)
20 The Masterful Mystery Tour
21 Bass Solo
22 While My Guitar Deathly Creeps
23 Hey Dude
24 Trapped Under Ice
25 I Want To Choke Your Band
26 Hit the Lights

edit: links removed at request of poster

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I just got a message from the beatallica webmaster:

This is the Webmaster of Puppets from Beatallica. While we deeply appreciate your intrest in our music, we must request that you take down the links to the live show that you recorded. The show contains several "new songs" that while we have permission to play live, we do not have permission to transmit these songs in any other medium. Please understand that we have finally gotten clear of legal entanglements, and wish to remain that way for the foreseeable future. Perhaps after these songs have been legally cleared and released on our next album next year then your file post would be welcome, but as of now we see it as a huge liability. The damage is already done for the folks who have it, but please try to see our point of view on this and take down the files. Thanks and cheers.
Webmaster of Puppets

so for the time beeing I'm gonna take the links down

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Kudos to Zen for doing the right thing. Too bad though, I would have loved to hear this show. Beatallica RULES!

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I don't understand this at all. This IS a bootleg, right? If every band came here and said "no", would everything get pulled?

I looked at the album listings, and it looks like only 3 songs have not been 'recorded""officially released", (and maybe they never will be?)
3 Please me
15 battery
22 While my guitar deathly creeps

If nobody can find this with google blog search, then shoot me a pm, and I'll give one ( and with a protected link), but I guess I will not post it, if it it is going to be reported / deleted immediately anyway
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