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Here are a few Belinda shows from my friend MauroR
Glad to see she/they finally got some respect from the HOF

Belinda Carlisle,
Doncaster Shopping Town, Melbourne,
February 24, 2012

Audio Reality Mikes / Battery Box > Sony PCM M10B (Manual Levels (3), LCF off, Limiter off, Mic Sens Low) > FLAC
Audacity to track split, Traders little Helper for Flac and Torrent

Recorded: DFC - Literally standing next to the mixing desk - 20m for the stage.

Recorded by Brother Ruprecht.

Taper notes.

This was a great show. I'm in my mid forties now (and not gay by the way) and can remember Belinda Carlilse being a pretty big hitter in the 80's as I grew up. Some of the songs are so well known and hard not to like.

The venue is a small hotel about 20Km from the centre of Melbourne. Probably holds about 800 people - most of them standing within 25m of the stage - the mixing desk was set up on a raised part of the venue so I positioned myself and my wife right next to the desk - this had two benefits - we could get a clear view of the stage above the audience and also we could avoid the rather enthusiastic, mostly homosexual male, audience. Not that I'm phobic - just didn't want to get jumped on and trampled in the mosh pit !!!!

There is a little distortion in the recording - not too much and you can pick out all the instruments well - the reason being that it was SO FRIGGING LOUD and I was standing next to the board man I couldn't really bugger about with levels on the PCM without getting spotted - so I left well alone.

Belinda was wearing a bandage on her arm - some kind of scolding accident which she comments on early in the show.

I'm pleased with my tag line at the start - the timing was perfect - and as I was on the board I could tell exactly when she was coming one.

The place went off to the more famous songs - Summer Rain was spectacular as was Heaven On Earth. The inclusion of Gogo songs in the encore was a great touch as well.
Any of you that can remember the 80's will enjoy this one - I certainly did and I'm a Led Zeppelin Freak !!!!

MD5 file included in the torrent.


Runaway Horses
We Want The Same Thing
In Too Deep
I Get Weak
Circle In The Sand
Vision Of You
La Luna
Summer Rain
Mad About You
Leave A Light On For Me
Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Big Scary Animal
Our Lips Are Sealed
We Got The Beat
Live Your Life Be Free

Brother Ruprecht

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