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Here's one that may be a little obscure outside of Buffalo. Live demo from 1988 by Beyond Death, short one, only 6 songs, part of their show from Dec of 88. Outside of Buffalo this would be notable for what its members went on to - Jack and Alex started and are still with Cannibal Corpse and drummer Darrin is now in Goldfinger. Buffalo's three best bands of the time - Beyond Death, Tirant Sin and Leviathan - all broke up about the same time and a few members from each formed Cannibal Corpse. From time to time Frank (guitar/vocals) gets a new version of the band going, think there is a clip of them on youtube. Anyway here is the short demo, with the Buffalo classics "flubberscum", "Jesus Freaks", "Mr. Yuk" and 3 others.

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Both demos in one link it seems, no bitrate Posted by Yappy on LOCKJAW.

They have a policy there that they want (and do not care if) their actual download links shared.

Beyond Death (US) - A Slice of Death (DEMO 1987)

1. Victims
2. Agonizing Death
3. I Hope You Die

Beyond Death (US) - Yuk Fou (DEMO 1988)

1. Mouth to Mouth Vomit
2. Waiting to Die
3. Jesus Freaks
4. Flubberscum
5. I'm Sick
6. Mr. Yuck

OR link I just made -

Beyond Death (Usa) - Yuk Fou Live Demo At River Rock Cafe,Buffalo,NY 1988

01 - mouth to mouth vomit (3:57)
02 - waiting to die (6:08)
03 - jesus freaks (1:19)
04 - flubberscum (2:52)
05 - i'm sick (6:01)
06 - mr yuk (3:23)

23 minutes 40 seconds

Soundboard tape, good sound though slight warbling,

the cymbals sound like they wash back and forth between the speakers.

This is thrash metal, fast like Sacrifice or early Sepultura, with deathy vocals.

I will guess that the rip I have (possibly taken from the thrashmageddon site, thanks to the original uploader, probably Shokk) is the same one you will find for download anywhere on the net
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