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Brunel University
Uxbridge, Middlesex, U.K.

I received this in trade many moons ago, not sure the lineage, clearly it is several analog gens...

01 Hells Bells
02 Sample and Hold
03 Fainting in Coils / Back to the Beginning
04 Forever Until Sunday
05 Joe Frazier
06 Travels With Myself and Someone Else
07 Beelzebub
08 Sahara of Snow (pt one)
09 Sahara of Snow (pt two)
10 Adios a`la Pasada

Bruford is:

Bill Bruford - Remo Roto-toms and PAiSTe Cymbals
Allan Holdsworth - Custom Fender Stratocaster with PAF Humbuckers
Jeff Berlin - Custom Fender Jazz Bass with Leo Quan Badass Bass Bridge
Dave Stewart - Prophet 5, Yamaha Electric Grand piano, Polymoog synth

eeklair's notes:
I ripped this from an unknown generation cassette. Azimuth aligned on my end, but not from the top of the line on down.

I EQ-ed this, fixed the bad channel, re-EQ-ed, De-compressed the midrange (an eeklair generation removal trick), re-EQ-ed again, De-hissed a bit, Set bias to zero, adjusted levels, and compressed to Lossless Flac level 6. That's it.

I'd love the master tape to surface... It's a rare show i think.

Correct date unknown - might be on the site.



All of my Bruford uploads here:

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My apologies, I just found that there is another upload for 1979-05-06 at Uxbridge in this forum... So Bill probably played two dates - May 6 and May 9 - at Uxbridge?
There's a gig advert for Brunel University on the Genesis Archive showing the 6th.
I think it's extremely unlikely they came back three days later to play again.

(Uxbridge is my home town, on the western edge of London).

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Actually I've just had another look at the link above...on the tour poster it says the 9th, on the Brunel ad it says the 6th! (Which could explain the confusion)

I would tend to trust the latter as according to the caption it was printed in Sounds the day before the gig: Gig advert – BB – Brunel University – London – Sounds – 5th May
Perhaps they had to switch the date?
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