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Here is a show from Bill Champlin's Bichin' Tour this past fall. The tour was in support of his new album "No Place Left to Fall."

1. He Started to Sing
2. Total Control
3. Lover Like That
4. County Jail Banter
5. The Truth
6. No Place Left to Fall
7. Turn Your Love Around
8. You Won't Get to Heaven Alive
9. Marin County Banter
10. Please Hold On
11. Lovers Tonight
12. Takin' It Uptown
13. All Along
14. Tuggin' At Your Sleeve
15. Angelina
16. Look Away
17. Stone Cold Hollywood
18. Lookin' For You
19. Headed for the Top
20. Drum and Bass Solos
21. Band Introductions > Goldmine
22. Satisfaction

The recording is an excellent audience recording. I did not do the recording myself, but I did take the time to re-edit some track breaks and EQ the original recording, which was in FLAC.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:



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this is gonna be good!
the head 'Son' back in his old stomping grounds...and away from the caribou ranch where his talents were squandered for WAY too long.

thanks bicemusic!

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Hi, I just wondered if anyone else has had problems downloading this. Parts 1 and 3 are no problem, but part 2 keeps getting stuck at 8.58mb of 92.8 mb, before timing out. Help!
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