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The Bill Evans Trio

Bill Evans- piano (not the one who plays sax in the Pseudovishnu Orch. that's a different Bill Evans)
Marc Johnson- bass
Philly Jo Jones- drums
with guests in part:
Lee Konitz- sax (starting at track 7)
Stan Getz- sax
Christian Escoude- guitar (last track)
Grande Parade Du Jazz (jazz festival)
Nice, France
July 14, 1978 (not July 7, as first listed when posted)
performance quality: quite good
recording quality: A
source: FM master broadcast reel ("Jazz Alive" recorded broadcast)
runtime: 90:51 (minutes/seconds)
Thanks to gertrudegoat for providing what we think is the setlist
(or at least very close to it, there may be a correction or two left to make.)

disc 1: (just the trio) 31:40

01: Nardis 8:10
02: theme From M*A*S*H* (suicide is painless) 4:26
03: the Peacocks 6:35
04: in your own sweet way 4:37
05: on Green Dolphin Street 6:26
06: radio commentary 1:25

disc 2: (with guests) 59:10

07: like someone in love (with Lee Konitz) 9:22
08: you don't know what love is (with Lee Konitz) 18:30
09: lover man (with Lee Konitz & Curtis Fuller) 12:31
10: Bill Evans interview 2:32
11: when I fall in love 4:08
12: all the things you are (with Stan Getz, Curtis Fuller and Christian Escoude) 12:05

lineage: WBUR FM radio (NPR) >
Sansui 8 reciever >
Teac (?) reel to reel >
(I'm not sure which deck recorded this but it wasn't the crummy old Sony one)
Maxell UD 7" reel @ 3>3/4 ips >
played on Teac 3300 into soundforge 4.5 (WAV) >
flac 6 > torrentially yours. first seeded in 2009.
reseeded in 2010 with track times, date and setlist corrections and a
flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion to remove the sbe's.

etree's setlist has the following titles listed for this concert:
you don't know what love is
like someone in love
when I fall in love
someday my prince will come
the only one of these that is not in here is someday my prince will come.
this recording has 6 tracks of about 30 minutes total length with just the
trio in the "disc 1" folder.
the second folder is close to an hour, also 6 tracks.
disc 2 has them joined by Lee Konitz, Curtis Fuller joins later and
Christian Escoude appears for all the things you are (last song).
Yet another in the Jazz Alive radio series of 1978, this is
apparently highlights of Bill Evans Trio (with guests) set.
as is far too common with many of my jazz posts I don't know many of the titles,
Songs include Green Dolphin St. (played along with nearby ringing church bells)
what is this thing called love, when I fall in love and
Escoude and Getz join for all the things you are to wrap it up.
(there are also 6 title tracks unknown to me in here.

I guess you could call this "easy listening" jazz, but it's
definitely jazz, and I would not call it cheese jazz. I would call it
probably my earliest recording of Marc Johnson, who as some of you know,
I had hoped to post with his best known group, Bass Desires.

Even here, he shows he's got chops, (but this time, no "nabbie" company. Bass Desires includes 2 of them, Scofield and Frisell.).

I'm not certain if this is the complete broadcast, but I believe it is.

It was recorded on a full reel side (90 min) and ends with closing credits,
only some of the opening announcer introduction is missing at the beginning.
The 1st song here is definitely the first one in this broadcast.

The reason I'm not sure it's complete is because Jazz Alive was a 2 hour show at this time, but I suspect there was another artist (not recorded) included in this program that wasn't part of the feature set here, Bill Evans and friends.
There was some editing in the original recording, but I think only to remove
station ID's and the like, the songs appear to all be here uncut.
broadcast quality was very good by now for recorded concerts
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Why buy or sell
when you can "Getz" it for free? Evans Nice 14 July 1978 flac16.rar
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