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Guitar genius Bill Nelson has been asked to perform as part of ITV's legends series in London on March 26. In case anyone is unsure of who Bill Nelson is, he fronted 70's art pop bands Be-Bop Deluxe and Red Noise.

Bill Nelson disappeared from the spotlight due to his general dislike of the music industry, but has admirers from Mc Cartney, Brian May, Kate Bush, Brian Eno, Prince, Bowie, The Foo Fighters, The Darkness et al. As such his influence on modern music is immense and pervasive.

The concert is to be filmed by ITV and attendees will get to meet Bill, have photos taken at a champagne reception, get a DVD of the event with your name on it.

The tickets are expensive, but before anyone asks, it is the TV company and the promoters that will gain from this and not Mr Nelson, who will barely break even.

Anyway, if you are interested please follow this link
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