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Black Sabbath Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1971-07-18 Remaster

Borough Of York Stadium,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July 18, 1971

AKA Wayshway

LINEAGE: Audience
Luciferburns.4th Gen Cassette

01. N.I.B.
02. War Pigs
03. Sweet Leaf
04. Black Sabbath
05. Iron Man
06. Children Of The Grave
07. Wicked World
08. Paranoid
09. Fairies Wear Boots

A friend of mine sent this to me.

01. Remastered in Presonus Studio 1 without losing the integrity of the show.
02. Minor compression to balance out and tighten up the instruments.
03. Balanced out the L-R. Right side was always a little low.
04. Minor Equalization using a Paragraphic EQ
05. Minor noise restoration.
06. Minor cuts and cross-fading for smooth transitions and fixing damage parts that have have cuts, skips or tape flips.
07. Fade ins and Fade Outs.
08. Artwork for the show.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts