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Black Sabbath
Niagara Falls Convention Center (cap. 10,000)
Niagara Falls, NY
September 8, 1978

lineage: cassette>CDR>FLAC (level 8)


Geezer Butler
Tony Iommi
Ozzy Osbourne
Bill Ward


d101 Supertzar (intro tape)
d102 Symptom of the Universe
d103 Snowblind
d104 War Pigs
d105 Never Say Die
d106 Black Sabbath
d107 Dirty Women
d108 Rock 'n Roll Doctor
d201 Bill Ward drum solo
d202 Jam I
d203 Orchid
d204 Jam II
d205 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (riff)
d206 Jam III
d207 Jam IV
d208 Jam V
d209 Electric Funeral
d210 Iron Man
d211 Fairies Wear Boots
d212 Encore break
d213 Paranoid
d214 She's Gone (outro tape)

notes (from
VG audience recording of complete show (minus a few small cuts during the drum solo). This audience recording surfaced more publically in April 2005, along with another tape of comparable quality from Niagara Falls 12/10/76. It was originally purchased by Fred S. at a record convention in Niagara Falls, NY in the 80's, but has strangely never been more widely available. From a performance perspective, the show is 'decent' but plagued by a combination of technical problems. Also, Ozzy is not in his finest form, but does his best to keep the proceedings energetic. One of my favorite highlights is when the band breaks into a jam on the solo section from "The Warning" during the long improvisational section! The tape itself is quite clear and was recorded fairly close to the stage. It might have earned a VG+ from me if not for some assorted buzzing noises (like a poorly grounded wire) and a few sudden channel dropouts that are replaced with buzzing or hissing noises. Although there are only a few moments like this, they still mar an otherwise nice recording. Bill's drum solo oddly fades in and out before coming back in again at full volume. Thankfully, this is only a brief disturbance. Nit picking aside, I think most listeners would be pleased with the sound quality overall.

ffp fingerprints:

d101 Supertzar.flac:05c725612d32cf48877fc6e641193500
d102 Symptom of the Universe.flac:c6100da91b1788c180faa41ad88fbc42
d103 Snowblind.flac:663ee7304e915405df0f16f6612e5175
d104 War Pigs.flac:92bec7446a32e29edf5286d9539f8bb6
d105 Never Say Die.flac:0a6af159a39585b6ab785bfe46afc251
d106 Black Sabbath.flac:25772ac4e576cef56854730200f6c401
d107 Dirty Women.flac:25e6dc89d9591f7065a47f410225b431
d108 Rock n Roll Doctor.flac:abf6338fa47e95e896cdfee6b12bafbb
d201 Bill Ward Solo.flac:cbc6da32c06eb6aa03da6b39c034d8bb
d202 Jam I.flac:21331d168db02b72267d7b8e024c4002
d203 Orchid.flac:4ca8fe07260eb7a1080cbdb7c7d0a3d0
d204 Jam II.flac:8404902a8b076591682917f41027f36d
d205 Jam III.flac:34ccdefe439a9467f8a08305243cda7a
d206 Jam IV.flac:447f3be681da4deab1d0a15271406e3e
d207 Jam V.flac:1e53687c0871c2e96d4a32ea6a839f90
d208 Jam VI.flac:414f344810805be673ff15e7e21e03ac
d209 Electric Funeral.flac:a0973d15d25ba6f9e51fca8f0d695103
d210 Iron Man.flac:732892aeb8b0190997ed09fb2f3ae64c
d211 Fairies Wear Boots.flac:c92271fcbf4ef8ebd1e7ff3f65cbd5a7
d212 encore break.flac:855e03a92dac68a06d22091fe999af8c
d213 Paranoid.flac:2b22f20a0f4c216f79dc271c39ad032c
d214 (outro) She's Gone.flac:395fc8e4b26905b1bb35c796686b9f53!O3J1xCQY!q1vUeq8-jugfnc1w57cmnw
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