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by request of Rockadicct

and please see my request below

Uploaded by Axel(a.k.a. RoryGallagher), Friesland, Germany

This is Black Sabbath feat Glenn Hughes on vocals.
This is from a 7" vinyl and it´s all I have from this concert.
I rate the sound of this for B.

Black Sabbath supplied by:

Rory Gallagher international torrent tracker fan mafia(in some order):
roryglzep(a.k.a. Jeff)
Claretkid(a.k.a. Andrew)
Prudence(a.k.a. Stevie)
Chinaubi a.k.a. brotherRay(a.k.a. François)
TheSeizure(a.k.a. Stefan)
Jorcarelo(a.k.a. Joca)
Bad_Penny(a.k.a. Lars)
Estimatedrudi(a.k.a. Rudi)
and last but not least from Rory´s country Ernie(a.k.a. Ernie)
I apologize if I missed to include some Rory mafia member...

featuring the German Music-&-especially Bluesrock-Junkies(in no order), Heavy division:
BluesOxator(a.k.a. Christian)
raimax a.k.a. rainerneu(a.k.a. Rainer)
chico1610 (a.k.a HO)
msp_mule(a.k.a. Olaf)
RoryGallagher(a.k.a. Axel)

Black Sabbath:

Lineage: audience recording > unknown recording and transfer equipment > "Providence 3/1986" 7" vinyl > playback on Philips record player with Ortofon MC system > Pioneer stand alone CD recorder > CD > EAC(secure mode, enjoy EAC log in German language) > Wav > Flac Frontend(level8) > Flac (> dime > YOU)
Taper: unknown, HANX :)
7" vinyl to CD transfer by Axel himself
Title: Providence 3/1986
File Size: 100MB (97.2MB flac and 2.81MB art)
Artwork added, scanned by myself
Art lineage: 7" vinyl cover > HP Scanjet 4370(at 200dpi) > HD > jpeg´s named to their destination (> dime > YOU)
Length: 17:05min
Information: Black Sabbath 03/25/1986

Civic Center, Providence, RI, USA, 25th March 1986
01) Heart Like A Wheel
02) Symptom Of The Universe ~
03) Sweet Leaf ~
04) Zero The Hero ~
05) Seventh Star
Length: 17:05min
Glenn Hughes: Vocals
Tony Iommi: Guitar
Geoff Nichols: Keyboards
Dave Spitz: Bass
Eric Singer: Drums

"Why do people with the worst ratios do 90% of the Bitching" (thanks KPO)

also support (and record) live music,
I Do... well
for those of you who download this and seed it for others to enjoy ~ many thanks!
for those of you who download this and run ~ blow it out your kazoo! (thanks Billy)

Important Note: AVOID MP3 ~ Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Even More Important Note: please use this show for trading ~ never sell it (you may go to hell ~ which is not confirmed)

Black Sabbath or what,

(Source: liberated "Providence 3/1986" 7" vinyl)

the finger of blacksabbath1986-03-25:


(This was said by Flac Frontend.)

shntool st5 blacksabbath1986-03-25:

c693e5b986b40cd0a09c813c6a6cb7fd [shntool] blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t01.flac
4b949ea786293df44761086b0c9b6915 [shntool] blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t02.flac
0a8db996b9300f612da93acba0425b86 [shntool] blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t03.flac
9d79ba93438aa6f7dacc14bd5e4b8f1d [shntool] blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t04.flac
3b1f8a073d491aaf900ac3c65248a9bf [shntool] blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t05.flac

No errors occured. (Trader´s Little Helper Said That.)
Attached st5 was created with Audiophilia. You verify it with Trader´s Little Helper[a.k.a. Mother´s Little Helper ;-)]

MD5´s heart´s like a wheel.

e56026c965b7bd4bc997afa7e32c3be9 *blacksabbath1986-03-25 1 front.jpg
0dee7cc29acdf18e81b8eb24fffbab94 *blacksabbath1986-03-25 2 back.jpg
4c331c38ea9c7d998c52c1089a69fbec *blacksabbath1986-03-25 3 vinyl A side.jpg
6c1280369d9081929f9dc0c7f14b6a29 *blacksabbath1986-03-25 4 vinyl B side.jpg
e85b1eb89256edaf4bd9080ae4a20466 *blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t01.flac
bb0748a07b8c2e16ab232414eee1deb7 *blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t02.flac
026443ef8a7b723d825a679d395d3648 *blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t03.flac
30e411a85e97c3ea68bcaff9f24f4afb *blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t04.flac
01c4815fb615101c090d9016c09bfb54 *blacksabbath1986-03-25d1t05.flac

No errors occured. (Trader´s Little Helper Said That.)
Attached MD5 was created with MD5summer.

Yahel´s Wish List
Black Sabbath - 1983-08-21 Helsinki, Finland (Hell Born) [90.10]
Black Sabbath - 1983-10-21 Montreal, Canada (Feign Death Sabbath) [49.11] [Src 1]
Black Sabbath - 1986-00-00 Eternal Idol Demos (Eternal Demon) [Ver.4] [43.13+16.58] [+1986-04-12 Philadelphia, PA, USA]
Black Sabbath - 1986-03-21 Cleveland, OH, USA (The First Of The Five Star) [91.41] [from Silver]
Black Sabbath - 1986-04-13 Baltimore, MD, USA (Can You Feel The Power) [88.47+30.25] [+1986-05-30 Newcastle upon Tyne ]
Black Sabbath - 1988-05-29 Oldbury, England (please send me the best version of this show)
Black Sabbath - 1989-09-02 Sheffield, England (Tales From Sheffield) [88.32] [Lossy!] [Src 2]
Black Sabbath - 1989-09-03 Newcastle, England [87.27+6.10] [Thierry Transfer] [+Unknown Ozzy Interview]
Black Sabbath - 1989-09-23 Neumarkt, Germany (Prepare For The End) [72.00]
Black Sabbath - 1990-09-08 London, England (The Young Rage) [128.56] [Lylian CDR]
Black Sabbath - 1990-09-10 St. Austell, England (The Battle For TYR In UK) [116.35] [Enzo Edited]
Black Sabbath - 1990-09-10 St. Austell, England (The Battle For TYR In UK) [117.14] [Enzo CDR]
Black Sabbath - 1990-10-07 Vienna, Austria [91.50]
Black Sabbath - 1990-10-08 Vienna, Austria [91.26]
Black Sabbath - 1990-11-01 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Best Version please)
Black Sabbath - 1994-04-18 Brussels, Belgium [100.49] [Thierry CDR]

Black Sabbath - 1994-05-10 Munich, Germany (Fanatastic Munich) [89.51] [from Master]


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Try yourself with the link "100.07 MB file on MEGA" or at least (I´m supposing that because you are the creator the link works for you) ask some friend to try to download it.

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i try in another devices without thue original account and its working fine
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