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Black Sabbath
Jurahalle, Neumarkt, Germany

Unknown gen audience tape -> WAVE -> FLAC

Many thanks to bolandos for original upload in WAVE format at the Deep Purple Hub! This sounds very nice, excellent for an audience recording in my opinion. The crowd is a bit loud, and there are some volume fluctuations, but nothing really disturbing. One of the best-sounding Black Sabbath recordings from 1989! Feat. Tony Martin as singer. Artwork included, many thanks to kream for creating it!


- Headless Cross
- Neon Knights
- Children Of The Sea
- Guitar Solo
- Die Young
- When Death Calls
- War Pigs

- The Shining
- Black Sabbath
- Children Of The Grave
- Heaven And Hell
- Paranoid

The tracks "Iron Man", "The Mob Rules" and the intro tape are missing in this version. Another version of this show, uploaded by soundman_steve in MP3 192K format, can be found here: <>. To my ears, both versions sound identical, but tracklists differ: While soundman_steve's version lacks '"When Death Calls" and "War Pigs" (both included here), it includes "Iron Man", "The Mob Rules" and the intro tape, which are all missing in this one. Anybody who can upload the other version in lossless quality? Since both are sounding identical, it would be so great to combine the two and thus create a version that is excellent AND complete! Thanks in advance, and enjoy the show!

Download link:
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