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Black Sabbath
Club Citta, Tokyo, Japan
October 10, 1989

Unknown generation audience recording

Many thanks to original uploader curioffl at the Deep Purple Hub!

This is a very rare show, I think! I never knew that a recording of that date circulates, but they did play in that venue at that date according to Sabbathlive. I downloaded it in one single WAV file, then converted to FLAC and split into separate tracks.

At the end of side one of the cassette, "The Shining" cuts out (at about 5:00 min of that song). The cut was obviously not present on the master tape; on the beginning of side two you find a complete version of "The Shining". However, for some reason this second, complete version of "The Shining" sounds significantly worse than the first. Maybe one of you can merge the first (better-sounding, but incomplete) version of the song with the end of the second version? That would be great! Please PM me if you manage to do that!


101 - Intro
102 - Headless Cross
103 - Neon Nights
104 - Children of the Sea
105 - Die Young
106 - When Death Calls
107 - War Pigs
108 - The Shining (cut out)

201 - The Shining (complete, but worse-sounding)
202 - Mob Rules
203 - Black Sabbath
204 - Iron Man
205 - Children of the Grave
206 - Heaven and Hell
207 - Paranoid

Original uploader's info:
"This is a cassette of unknown generation. It was ripped using Audacity [...].

At the end of side one of the cassette "The Shining" cuts out. Some trader in the chain corrected this by beginning side two before the beginning of that song. Strangely the quality of side two starts out quite a bit less good than side one. About mid-way through the side-two "The Shining" the sound is tolerably recovered, though it remains slightly less good than the first side of the tape (a hiss can be heard in the slow parts). [...]

I would give this a 9/10 for the first side (ie, up to the 5:00 minute mark in "The Shining") except for a bit of hiss during the intro and a drop in one of the channels during "Neon Nights". Side two is 8/10.

This was a good show in general. Even that guy who pays money for a ticket to Tony Martin's Black Sabbath just to shout "Ozzy" in between songs showed up.. though he pipes down after a couple of songs (being Japan, perhaps he was ejected?... or maybe Tony Martin just won him over?). I always wonder when I hear that on tapes, what would possess a person to go and see a concert and shout the name of the old singer at the new singer? Maybe it's because concerts were cheaper then? Or maybe they just didn't know that Ozzy wasn't in Black Sabbath anymore? I mean this was long before Internet... I still got most of my music information by starring at album-covers in 1989. If anyone knows Tony Iommi, perhaps you could ask him to re-unite with Tony Martin just to see if anyone still shouts "Ozzy" in the $100-ticket/4G world?"

1989-10-10 Tokyo flac.rar - FileFactory


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