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I put this up to fulfil a request at Trader's Den, so thought some others might like it.

So-So recording from the Ray Gillen era. I was at the gig myself and thought it was excellent. Ray Gillen was a superb singer. Have great memories of seeing him a couple of times with Badlands too. It was a shame he died so young.

Disc 1 -
Disc 2 -

1. Supertzar
2. The Mob Rules
3. Children Of The Sea
4. War Pigs
5. Danger Zone
6. Heart Like A Wheel
7. Symptom Of The Universe
8. Sweet Leaf
9. Zero The Hero
10. Sphinx/Seventh Star (cuts)
11. Turn To Stone w/drum solo
12. Die Young
1. Black Sabbath
2. Bass Solo
3. N.I.B. (part)
4. Neon Knights
5. Heaven And Hell
6. Guitar Solo
7. Heaven And Hell (continued)
8. Children Of The Grave
9. Paranoid

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Thanks for the show bro!
I love this stuff... Ray Gillen was an amazing singer, too bad about the AIDS.
His life and career were all too short. We all owe a thank you to Glenn Hughes for being such a fuck-up at that point in his life, otherwise we may not have gotten the blessing of Ray Gillen's talent... and who's to say, maybe with out his stint in BS there may not have ever been a Badlands.
Seek out the Sabbath demos with Ray for the Eternal Idol album... great stuff!

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Any chance of a re up of this ? I've been looking for it forever
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