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I think this is my favourite set from the Knebworth Fayre '85. Many people were saying that they were well past their best by now but this is a great performance, full of classics. Only downer with this one is that I recorded it on a C-60 (remember those?!) so side one ran out just before the end of Train Train. On the plus side though, there is an interview with Ricky Medlocke tagged on to the end of the set!

1. I Want To Talk To You
2. I'm On The Run
3. Everyman Should Know (Queenie)
4. Dry County
5. Wishing Well
6. Morning Dew
7. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
8. Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller
9. Train, Train
10. Highway Song
11. Ricky Medlocke Interview
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