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Blackmore´s Night – Riedenburg-Obereggesberg (Germany) – September 28, 1998 - A Concert For Fans REMASTER

Artist: Blackmore´s Night
Style: Folk / Rock / World Music
Date: Monday, September 28, 1998 (1998-09-28)
City: Riedenburg-Obereggersberg
Country: Germany
Venue: Kornspeichertheater von Schloss Eggersberg
CD Title:A Concert For Fans - REMASTER
Promoted Album: Shadow Of The Moon

Another one that went through a tweak process based on the master tape of the original album from 1998.

This is the pattern of what became one of those so called “Japanese bootleg CD´s” floating among fans in the late 90´s. The commercially published one is named “Minstrel Castle” – even the pictures used on this high priced item were taken from the very same source.
The now offered CD set comes straight from the master tape which was already put together right after this private show at Schloss Eggersberg took place.

The concert itself was announced just a week prior and had limited access for about 90 fans. So the tiny theatre was well packed. Before the concert took place there was a dinner arranged for the fans. All in all great atmosphere and show. There was even a meet ´n´ greet with the entire band after the concert.

Jessie Haynes had the fortune to perform one of their own songs (Freedom) – well, Ritchie almost forced her to do so. Most of the show was even filmed by the guy who put his hands on the Live in Germany video. Should be real treat to see the footage once again after almost 10 years passed since then.

The only strange thing was the “over the top” security. It pissed me laughing seeing the guys equipped with guns!!! Christ, it was the most friendly gathering of fans and it looked hilarious! I wonder if that was already part of the game by the well experienced BN management????

Sound quality: quite good
Cover and label: included (A Trademark Of The Ultimate Sound Archive ™2011)

CD 1:
Shadow of the moon
Morning star
Play minstrel play
No second chance
Happy birthday
Minstrel hall
Under a violet moon
Self portrait
The temple of the king
16th century greensleeves

CD 2:
Castles and dreams
Mond Tanz
Renaissance faire
Introduction of the band
The clock ticks on
Wish you were here
Spirit of the sea
Mr. Tambourine man
I think it´s gonna rain today

Ritchie Blackmore – guitars
Candice Night – vocals
Jessie Haynes – guitas & vocals
Mick Cervino – bass
Adam Forgione – keyboards & vocals
Alex Alexander – percussions
Rachael Birkin - violin

a) Please support the artist and buy his albums and visit his shows.
b) More info to be found at
c) This recording is strictly for f r e e trading purposes only and should remain as it is.
d) I am sorry, but my bandwidth is limited and I can´t seed 24/7.
e) But most important: Enjoy the show!

The original album A Concert For Fans was first uploaded at PERFECT PURPLE on May 31, 2008 and at DIME on June 6, 2008.!Hh02kZRb!55I_jAkljnlbJShCKr-zI_54AqeS3FxMiceJgaYzxt4
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