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Blue Öyster Cult -
Palace Theater, Albany, NY;
September 20, 1976

Source & Lineage: King Bisuit Flower Hour FM broadcast> cassette> trade cassette (unknown generation)> SONY KA1ES deck> Marantz stand alone CD recorder> Nero for .wav conversion/ track splitting> converted to Flac (level 8) with TLH

Band Lineup:

Eric Bloom: vocals/guitar/keys
Buck Dharma: guitar/vocals
Allen Lanier: keys/guitar
Joe Bouchard: bass/vocals
Albert Bouchard: drums/vocals


01 - Introduction - KBFH Announcement
02 - Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
03 - Morning Final
04 - This Ain't The Summer Of Love
05 - Bass solo
06 - 5 Guitars
07 - Born To Be Wild
08 - (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Don't miss out on one of the best live acts "on tour forever"... be sure to support BÖC by getting some tickets to their next show near you! Please do NOT sell this (or any other) show, or convert to other lossy format (personal use OK). I hope you enjoy this show, please be sure to SHARE and TRADE it freely!

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