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Blue Murder -
Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo
December 3, 1993

"Dancing In The Moonlight"

PRE FM recording or possible SBD with additional aud mics

My personal subjective rating:A

Lineage:CDR from trade->EAC->TLH(flac level8)

Total running time: 97:33 mins

Disc 1(51:07)

1.Intro-Cry For Love
5.Cold Sweat
6.Tommy O'Steen Drum Solo - Marco Mendoza Bass Solo
8.She Knows
9.Save My Love

Disc 2(46:26)

1.Jelly Roll
2.We All Fall Down
3.I Need An Angel
4.Blue Murder
5.Please Don't Leave Me
6.Dancing In The Moonlight
8.Still Of The Night(cuts at 6:29)

The Band:
John Sykes(guitars/vocals)
Marco Mendoza(bass)
Tommy O'Steen(drums)
Nik Green(keyboards)

There are various formats of this in circulation. Among them one disc version and another 2 disc version called "Innocent Murder" which is a mix of this recording and the next night at<font color="#000099">Yuport Seinenkan,Tokyo</font> december 4th.
As mentioned above its deffo not a FM broadcast as there is no carrier tone,its a very rich recording,so either its a PRE-FM with audience mics,or someone made a matrix.
If anyone has more info, please post in the comments section

This is the complete recording from the night,and a extremly good one too,even though Sykes voice isnt the best on this tour.

There is an official release from the japan tour 1993, released only in Japan on Geffen in 1994.
The sleeve notes there say recorded live in Japan december 1993. I've compared versions with the official release,and they all differ from the tracks on this posting.

However my plan to upload more shows from this tour could be abandoned,as some of them are bound to have offensive tracks,so I cant promise any more postings from this tour.

Also mind that none of the 2004 live recordings by Blue Murder can be uploaded here on Dime,someone asked for them on a different posting I did here.

As usual keep this circulating in best possible format, and listen to the samples provided before downloading.

Artwork included.

uploaded on Dime july 2008 by Rideinthel

Blue Murder - 1993-03-12 Tokyo .rar - FileFactory

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