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De Montfort Hall
Leicester, United Kingdom
May 15, 1966

She Belongs To Me
Fourth Time Around
Visions Of Johanna
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Just Like A Woman
Mr Tambourine Man
Tell Me Momma
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

The master cassette of this gig is missing, believed lost.
I got my copy from the taper in 1992, did a couple of copies for friends and acquaintances,
and 6 months later found the "Leicester '66" bootleg CD on a London market stall!
Several generations of cassette tape copying had obviously compromised the quality somewhat,
so here is the best sounding version any of us are likely to hear.
I have used no noise reduction or EQ,
but have rendered the recording into mono since the left and right channels
of the much-played master were full of dropouts. This is as good as it gets - enjoy! Mick x


The original recording was made on a mono Philips cassette recorder.
The taper was seated in the front row of the audience, and the microphone was hand-held
(as is evident at times!)

I have edited out a small portion after the first song, since the taper had inadvertently recorded silence over a small portion of the original recording (let's be thankful it wasn't during a song, eh?). This is the only edit I have made.

The speed fluctuations at the end of "Desolation Row" were on the original recording,
\and are due to a fault on the tape recorder as it neared the end of the first side of the original C-60 cassette
(not, as the bootleg disc sleevenotes suggest, battery problems).
Similarly, the "quiet" section of "Baby Blue" is just a long drop-out in both channels (NOT the microphone being covered up!) The tape ran out during "Tom Thumb's Blues";
however, the taper and his friend chose to leave the concert during the next song. Apparently it was "painfully loud"......
Dig that distortion!!!!

Download this bootleg here
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