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Bob Dylan
The Making Of "When The Night Comes Falling" and "Emotionally Yours"
22 August 1985

DVDylan ID: D101
Recording type: ProShot

When The Night Comes Falling promo (1 -7 take/angle)

Emotionally Yours promo (takes/angles)

Bus scene (incl. two acoustic takes of When The Night Comes Falling by band only)
Outside with fans scene (silent)
Bus again (takes of Dave getting on bus)
Streets walk scene / going inside venue scene (silent) * Slate dated 22 August 1985

Studio stage jam (camera on stage - has audio long audio dropouts)
Studio stage jam (camera on studio stage - silent)
Audience (silent)
Intermission (setup/intermission - camera on studio stage)
Blues S?? (Take 5 audible voice of cue person - band member on vocals, camera on studio stage)
I Shall Be Released (camera on studio stage - band member and Dave Steward on vocals)
Intermission (camera from studio floor)

Miscellaneous outdoor footage for "Emotionally Yours" and smiling Bob :)

Voice on mic saying “waiting on our director” during intermission suggests that the video takes were filmed after the bus and studio stage scenes. Sequence is inverted on the DVD.

Number of discs: 1

Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Total length: 01:34
Recording: Pro
Date: 22 August 1985
Lineage: Black/white, with running time stamp and very poor video quality (transferred from a really old tape). For completists only! Trade DVD > DVD Decrypter > HD

Specs (G-Spot):

Codec: MPEG2
System format: PAL
Picture Resolution: 720 x 576
Bitrate: 4679
I/L T/FF 25.000 Frames/sec, Aspect Ratio 4:3

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