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The Trap
201 Woodward St.
Nashville, Tenn.

2-Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
3-Tonight I'll Be Staying Here
4-Tombstone Blues
5-Don't Think Twice
6-Things Have Changed
7-Watching The River Flow
8-Blind Willie McTell
9-To Be Alone With You
12-Saving Grace
13-Honest With Me
14-Standing In The Doorway
15-Summer Days
16-Like A Rolling Stone
17-All Along The Watchtower

Bob Dylan- Piano, Vocal, Harmonica (5)
Tony Garnier- Upright Bass
George Receli- Drums
Freddy Koella- Guitar, Violin (11)
Larry Campbell- Guitar, Elec. Slide, Pedal Steel, Cittern

Can anyone post a picture of this venue for me?


This is my second try at posting this, don't know what's wrong.



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The reason your first link did not appear properly may have been due to your total number of posts not meeting the threshold where posting of links is allowed. I believe you need to have 10 posts before you can include links and it looks like you made it by the 3rd message in this thread.

Thanks for the tunes and I am glad you joined the party here!

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Just checked and the link doesn't work.

So I re-uploaded:

Tony Garnier and George Receli are from New Orleans, Larry Campbell is from New York. Freddy Koella, like the coneheads, is from France. And Bob Dylan is from...........Pick a planet.

-"All the truth in the world add up to one big lie"- Bob Dylan

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