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Filmed during 'The Rolling Thunder Revue' tour of '75/'76, there are those who consider this to be Dylans' masterpiece. There are many more who consider this to be a 'self indulgent mess that should never have been unleashed upon the public'.
Amidst this four hour opus, combining great concert performances (Dylan has never been more animated on stage!) and a narrative storyline, (and there IS a 'narrative storyline'... although I can't claim to have grasped it all!) allegedly inspired by 'Les Enfants du Paradis', there is something for everyone with even a passing interest in Dylan.

Shortly after its brief cinema release in 1978.. to scathing reviews, Dylan withdrew this from circulation and recut it to approx 120 mins, consisting of mostly concert footage. The full version would never see the light of day again until a once-off screening on UK's Channel 4 in the early '80s.. the source for all bootleg copy's in circulation, of varying quality. The version posted here is the very best you are likely to see...



Director: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan ... Renaldo
Sara Dylan ... Clara
Joan Baez ... Woman in White
Ronnie Hawkins ... Bob Dylan
Jack Elliott ... Longheno de Castro
Harry Dean Stanton ... Lafkezio
Bob Neuwirth ... The Masked Tortilla
Allen Ginsberg ... The Father
David Mansfield ... The Son
Helena Kallianiotes ... Herself
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter ... Himself
T-Bone Burnett ... The Inner Voice

RUNTIME: 225 mins.
AUDIO: MP3 128 kbs
VIDEO: 900 kbs
RESOLUTION: 528 x 384

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Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

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cant get this to work. files won't uncompress. 1st file opens with vlc which says it'

1st file opens with vlc which says it's damaged but repairs it and it plays fine, 2nd file vlc says is unknown format - undf. 3rd file just zips through like theres nothing there?

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how in the world do i watch this!!!!

hi can someone please tell me how to watch these? Im dying to see this movie and its really frustrating me bc i dont know how to open them bc there .rar supposedly you have to download winrar or something im so confused, someone please help

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it might get released ...

look at

and you find this news:

Levi Asher is reporting that Bob Dylan's four hour 1978 film, Renaldo & Clara, is being readied for release on DVD, and, presumably, Blu-Ray.

According to Asher, he has "heard from a semi-reliable source that Renaldo and Clara, a much-discussed and little-seen 1978 epic film by Bob Dylan, will soon be finally released on DVD. . . I'm really glad that Bob Dylan's creative team has decided to give this undeniably important movie its proper official release, though I haven't yet heard word when it will happen."

He also has commented that "It happens that I have a good connection very close to Dylan's management, and this information did NOT come from that source (since this person is a friend, I try not to bug him for inside scoops). The information came to me in a relatively random way from a person who is working on the audio/video conversion. There has definitely not been an announcement, but I'm pretty sure the technical work for the DVD is being done right now."

Although the film was initially misunderstood, it has gained a significant cult following over the last few decades. In 1993, Asher wrote a detailed synopsis of the film for

While the official commercial release of Renaldo & Clara would be amazing news, I'm wondering if the "technical work" might be for some other project, like the rumored sequel to the 2005 Martin Scorsese documentary, No Direction Home.

Renaldo & Clara was a critical and commercial disaster. Although Dylan insisted that the movie be four hours long, a shorter version, heavy on the concert footage, was eventually released. It has never been commercially available, although his performance of "Tangled Up In Blue" has been used as a promotional video, and the initial copies of Live 1975 - The Bootleg Series Volume 5, included a two-song bonus DVD. A handful of songs have been officially released, including a rare, promotional, 4-song 12" EP. It was shown on TV once, and that copy has been traded among collectors.

The footage was filmed during the first leg of the Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1975, and was edited in 1977. Dylan paid for the movie himself to have control over his artistic vision. During this period, his wife, Sara, divorced Dylan, making this a very expensive time for the budding film-maker.

Thanks to Reidar Indrebø and Masato Kato for the tip.

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As Bob would say, "It's gone like the radio that shines in yesterday." It would be better to have it on Megaupload or one of the "anything's better than Rapidshare" upload/download services if you could. Thanks, sorry I missed it.
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