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Bob Lind – Home in Time for Twilight

Bob Lind (born Robert Neale Lind, in Baltimore, Maryland, November 25, 1942) is a folk music singer/songwriter who reached the height of his success during the 1960s. Lind is best known for his transatlantic chart hit single, "Elusive Butterfly", which was a #5 hit in 1966. His songs have been covered by over 200 artists.

Lind retired from the music business in 1969 to pursue other interests. In more recent years he has resided in Florida. Lind returned to the music business in 2004, when he began performing again.

This is a demo that he cut in his home studio in Florida a while ago for an album that was never released. While it is basically Bob on piano and a music machine, the quality is very good.

His last album was released in 1971. Bob recently released a new album, “Live at the Luna Café”, a club near his home in Florida. It makes you wish that he had kept recording over all those years,
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