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Bob Marley - 1980-09-17 - Providence, RI
(Soundboard FLAC)

Bob Marley & The Wailers
Meehan Auditorium @ Brown University, Providence, RI.

Source & Transfer
SBD : Unknown > Cassette > PC > FLAC

FLAC files > WavelabPro9.5 > CDWav (tracking) > TLH (FLAC level8)

Source tape provided by : Muleman2
FLACs kindly provided by : Dubwise
Mastering by : Chris Mrachek (Leftover Salmon's Archivist)
April 2020

* Show Notes *
~ Bob only played 3 more concerts after this show.
~ Second show of the U.S. leg of the Uprising Tour.
~ Marley is awarded a prize during the encore break.
~ Crossfades made for tape flips - prior to Jammin', before Exodus and prior to the encore (twice).
~ Cuts during No Woman No Cry, Jammin', Kinky Reggae (x2) & Get Up Stand Up.
~ Cut in Jammin' added only minor edits.
~ Some distortion during No More Trouble.
~ Big thanks to Muleman2 for this source tape & original transfer to FLAC!
~ Big thanks also to brother Dubwise who kindly shared these "raw" FLACs for mastering!
~ The circulating AUD is missing Zimbabwe and the award ceremony.

SHOW - disc 1 of 2
01 - Natural Mystic
02 - Positive Vibration
03 - Dem Belly Full
04 - War > No More Trouble
05 - Zimbabwe
06 - Running Away >
07 - Crazy Baldheads
08 - I Shot The Sheriff
09 - No Woman No Cry
10 - Jammin' >
11 - Exodus

SHOW (cont.) - disc 2 of 2
01 - (E) Award Ceremony for Bob Marley
02 - Redemption Song
03 - Coming In From The Cold
04 - Could You Be Loved
05 - Work
06 - Roots Rock Reggae >
07 - Is This Love
08 - Kinky Reggae
09 - Get Up Stand Up

Notes from Chris Mrachek :
This soundboard recording is far from flawless but is way better now! I spent the better part of two days editing and then mastering this to get this to what it is. The edits were so numerous that i won't even begin to go into all that. The original FLAC files were merged back into a continuous file set of the show prior to editing & mastering. Some of the more interesting edits that were fixed (as best i could) was the first 36 minutes of the show the channels were inverted - which changed during the No Woman No Cry. Also the No Woman No Cry suffered from severe tape issues (again too numerous to go into) which were drastically improved although still far from perfect. I used some EQ'ing, a couple awesome WavelabPro plug-ins, fixing balance (L to R) issues, light limiting in spots, proper fades (where applicable), many level adjustments as well as a parallel compression version blended with the raw "mastered" file to accentuate the best parts of the mix. I decided NOT to use any noise filters as i don't like the frequencies that are inadvertantly removed through these processes and imo remove some valuable audio information. I also chose to keep the small 2nd part of Kinky Reggae that was cut here (with only minor fade edits) for the sake of completeness. This version would imo have to be the definitive version of this great show! I did create some PDF CD covers for those of you still inclined and apoligize for not providing photographers credit as I have no idea who took these photos or where they originated from. The photos are live shots from this concert in Providence, Rhode Island. Without a doubt some incredibly CRUCIAL roots reggae here! Enjoy & One Love - Chris

Notes from Dubwise text :
This is the soundboard version shared by my friend Muleman2 from his cassette. I have inclued his original text file. I don't think he ever shared his transfer on any torrent site but not 100% sure. The transfer could have been done with alittle more volume, but overall it is a nice upgrade to the more common Audience version that circulates. Enjoy and thanks to Muleman2.

Notes from Muleman2 text :
I pulled out an old cassette just to compare to what is currently traded, and I was surprised that this sounded much better(to my ears at least), and is clearly the soundboard version, not the audience. I was also happy to see that it includes the full version of Zimbabwe as well as the awards presentation to Bob. I transferred it straight from the cassette to my computer with no enhancements. Unfortunately, it is not perfect, but hopefully an upgrade for some of you.
Enjoy - Muleman2


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