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Bob Marley & The Wailers - 1972-1980 - Unreleased Studio Sessions (Studio [email protected])

Bob Marley & The Wailers - 1972 - 1980 - The Unreleased Studio Sessions
(Studio [email protected])

This is a collection of studio demo's, rehearsals and unreleased songs from the groups years with Island Records. Recorded at studios such as Harry J's, Dynamic, Joe Gibbs, The Black Ark and Bob's own Tuff Gong studios, all in Kingston Jamaica, and Island's Basing Street Studios in London, England.

These fantastic recordings showcase 'bare-bones' versions of songs that we would eventually know and love when the finished versions became available on albums from 1972's "Catch A Fire" right up to Bob's final studio albums "Uprising" and the posthumous release "Confrontation" of 1981.

This is Bob Marley and The Wailers in the studio, creating some of the finest reggae music that ever came out of the tiny island of Jamaica.
Demo's, rehearsals and even songs that didn't make release on the finished project are gathered here, possibly for the first time!

A lot of these recordings have floated about for years on various bootlegs and tapes, passed from person to person and then with the rise of music downloads on blogs and torrents they became even easier to get hold of but there is no official release of many of the recordings here.

These recordings are so scattered about too, on various seperate releases all over the place so it's handy that finally the best of these bootleg recordings are available in one remarkable 10 disc set.

So if, for instance, you've been searching for the 'Exodus/Kaya' sessions of 1977, the 'Survival Demos' of 1979, the lost 'Black Ark' sessions or the rare unreleased studio songs of Bob's final recording sessions, they are all are included here in this package.

A 2001 deluxe re-release of the album "Catch A Fire" did, finally, contain the original Jamaican version of the album and the difference is amazing! No overdubs of lead guitar on tunes like "Stir It Up" and "Concrete Jungle", it doesn't have that ultra polished sound Chris Blackwell added to sell the album to a white rock audience, to many, including myself, these were better than the final mixes.

Unfortunately they didn't follow this trend on the remaining re-releases, which is a shame because as you will see here a lot of the early studio versions are superior to the mixes put out on the Island records releases.

Take for instance the "Exodus" and "Kaya" album sessions from Island's studio in London England, sessions that were overseen by legendary reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry.
These sessions certainly have "Scratch" written all over them on tracks like "Easy Skanking", "My Woman Is Gone" and early takes of "Jamming" and of course "Punky Reggae Party".

The mixes presented on this album are noticably different at times with alternate lyrics or harmonies, for example on the song "Guiltiness" the lyrics change from "Woe to the downpresser, who eats the bread of sorrow" to "Woe to the Oppressor...". Fans with a keen ear may well notice a lot more changes.

The original studio demo of what would become "Slogans" is very basic here, using a drum machine with live instruments and Bob's original third verse which was cut from the released version on the "Africa Unite - Singles Collection".

There are also multiple takes of songs, like "Lively Up Yourself", "Exodus", "Is This Love" and "Turn Your Lights Down Low" so you can hear how the songs evolved in the studio, with lyric changes, chord changes, horns and harmonies being added or removed along the way.

A great song from the Kaya sessions is the remake of Bob's earlier hit "Sun Is Shining" which feels far more trippy and surreal on this early studio take.
"Could You Be Loved" became one the bands biggest hits in the late 70's but early studio versions appeared very different indeed, sounding more disco influenced and funky.

Sessions for the 'Survival' album have a darker, more edgy feel about them. Certainly more rootsy than what appeared on this finished album, have a listen to the "Babylon System" early takes and compare them to the album version and the difference is amazing.

Unreleased songs from Bob's final sessions including "Babylon Feel This One", "She Used To Call Me" and "Real Good Time (aka Confrontation)" seem to show that he was working on quite a powerful record.

Overall this collection is a superb insight into the workings of Bob Marley and The Wailers in the studio environment, before the mixing and the major label influences got a hold of the music.

Note that the sound quality is fantastic on the majority of these recordings, but the occasional track does have lower quality sound due to the nature of demos and rehearsals. All attempts have been made to improve sound quality on these tracks and I believe this collection has the best versions available.


Disc One: The "Catch A Fire" Sessions:
1) Concrete Jungle (Studio Demo)
2) Slave Driver (Studio Demo)
3) 400 Years (Studio Demo)
4) Stop That Train (Studio Demo)
5) Baby We've Got A Date (Studio Demo)
6) Stir It Up (Studio Demo)
7) Kinky Reggae (Studio Demo)
8) No More Trouble (Studio Demo)
9) Midnight Ravers (Studio Demo)
10) Stop That Train (Alternative Studio Demo)
11) Concrete Jungle (Studio Rehearsal)
12) Slave Driver (Studio Rehearsal)
13) Stop That Train (Studio Rehearsal)
14) Stir It Up (Studio Rehearsal)
15) Kinky Reggae (Studio Rehearsal)
16) No More Trouble (Studio Rehearsal)
17) Midnight Ravers (Studio Rehearsal Take One)
18) Midnight Ravers (Studio Rehearsal Take Two)

Disc Two: The "Burnin'" Sessions:
1) Get Up Stand Up (Studio Demo)
2) Get Up Stand Up (Alternative Studio Demo)
3) Get Up Stand Up (Original Un-Edited Version)
4) Burnin' And Lootin' (Studio Demo)
5) I Shot The Sheriff (Studio Demo)
6) Put It On (Studio Demo)
7) Duppy Conqueror (Studio Demo Take One)
8) Duppy Conqueror (Studio Demo Take Two)
9) You Can't Blame The Youth (Studio Demo Take One)
10) You Can't Blame The Youth (Studio Demo Take Two)
11) Walk The Proud Land (Studio Demo)
12) No Sympathy (Studio Demo)
13) Rastaman Chant (Studio Demo)
14) Rastaman Chant (Studio Rehearsal)
15) The Oppressed Song (Studio Demo)
16) Reincarnated Souls (Studio Demo)
17) Iron Lion Zion (Studio Demo)

Disc Three: The "Natty Dread" Sessions:
1) Lively Up Yourself (Studio Demo)
2) Lively Up Yourself (Vocal Acapella)
3) Lively Up Yourself (Alternative Studio Demo)
4) Lively Up Yourself (Studio Jam Rehearsal)
5) No Woman No Cry (Studio Demo Take One)
6) No Woman No Cry (Studio Demo Take Two)
7) No Woman No Cry (Piano Rehearsal)
8) Them Belly Full (Studio Demo)
9) Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)(Studio Demo)
10) So Jah Seh (Studio Demo)
11) Natty Dread (Studio Demo)
12) Bend Down Low (Studio Demo Take One)
13) Bend Down Low (Studio Demo Take Two)
14) Revolution (Studio Demo Take One)
15) Revolution (Studio Demo Take Two)
16) Am A Do (Studio Demo Take One)
17) Am A Do (Studio Demo Take Two)
18) Talkin' Blues (Studio Demo)
19) Talkin' Blues Version (With I-Roy)
20) Keep The Faith (Unreleased Studio Demo)

Disc Four: The "Rastaman Vibration" Sessions:
1) Positive Vibration (Studio Demo)
2) Johnny Was (Studio Demo)
3) Want More (Studio Demo)
4) Want More (Studio Rehearsal)
5) Night Shift (Studio Rehearsal)
6) Who The Cap Fit (Studio Rehearsal)
7) Rat Race (Studio Demo)
8) War (Studio Demo)
9) Natural Mystic (Black Ark Studio Original)
10) Rainbow Country (Black Ark Studio Original)
11) Jungle Fever (Unreleased Studio Demo)
12) Soul Shake Up Party (Unreleased Studio Demo)
13) Can't Take Your Slogans No More (Studio Demo)
14) Running Away/Crazy Baldhead (Medley Studio Rehearsal)
15) Studio Jam Session (With The Sons Of Jah)

Disc Five: The "Exodus" Sessions:
1) Natural Mystic (Studio Demo)
2) So Much Things To Say (Studio Demo)
3) Guiltiness (Studio Demo)
4) Exodus (Studio Rehearsal)
5) Exodus (Studio Demo Take One)
6) Exodus (Studio Demo Take Two)
7) Jamming (Studio Demo Take One)
8) Jamming (Studio Demo Take Two)
9) Jamming (Studio Rehearsal)
10) Waiting In Vain (Studio Demo)
11) Turn Your Lights Down Low (Studio Demo Take One)
12) Turn Your Lights Down Low (Studio Demo Take Two)
13) One Love/People Get Ready (Studio Demo)
14) Punky Reggae Party (Studio Demo)
15) Roots (Studio Demo)

Disc Six: The "Kaya" Sessions:
1) Easy Skanking (Studio Demo Take One)
2) Easy Skanking (Studio Demo Take Two)
3) Easy Skanking (Studio Demo Take Three)
4) Kaya (Studio Demo)
5) Is This Love (Studio Demo Take One)
6) Is This Love (Studio Demo Take Two)
7) Is This Love (Studio Demo Take Three)
8) Is This Love (Vocal Acapella)
9) Sun Is Shining (Studio Demo)
10) She's Gone (Studio Demo)
11) Misty Morning (Studio Demo Take One)
12) Misty Morning (Studio Demo Take Two)
13) Satisfy My Soul (Studio Demo)
14) Crisis (Studio Demo)
15) Crisis (Studio Rehearsal)
16) Running Away (Studio Demo Take One)
17) Running Away (Studio Demo Take Two)
18) Time Will Tell (Studio Rehearsal)

Disc Seven: The "Survival" Sessions:
1) So Much Trouble In The World (Studio Demo)
2) So Much Trouble In The World (Early Studio Rehearsal)
3) Zimbabwe (Studio Rehearsal)
4) Zimbabwe (Studio Demo)
5) Top Rankin' (Studio Demo Take One)
6) Top Rankin' (Studio Demo Take Two)
7) Babylon System (Full Length Studio Demo)
8) Babylon System (Studio Demo Take One)
9) Babylon System (Studio Demo Take Two)
10) Survival (Studio Rehearsal)
11) Survival (Studio Demo)
12) Africa Unite (Studio Demo)
13) One Drop (Studio Demo)
14) Ambush In The Night (Studio Demo)
15) Soul Rebel (Unreleased Studio Demo)

Disc Eight: The "Survival/Uprising" Sessions:
1) Ride Natty Ride (Studio Demo Take One)
2) Ride Natty Ride (Studio Demo Take Two)
3) Ride Natty Ride (Studio Demo Take Three)
4) Wake Up And Live (Studio Demo)
5) Real Situation (Studio Demo)
6) Bad Card (Studio Demo Take One)
7) Bad Card (Studio Demo Take Two)
8) Work (Studio Demo Take One)
9) Work (Studio Demo Take Two)
10) Zion Train (Studio Demo Take One)
11) Zion Train (Studio Demo Take Two)
12) We And Dem (Studio Demo Take One)
13) We And Dem (Studio Demo Take Two)
14) Pimper's Paradise (Studio Demo)
15) Redemption Song (Acoustic Studio Demo)

Disc Nine: The "Uprising/Confrontation" Sessions:
1) Could You Be Loved (Studio Demo Take One)
2) Could You Be Loved (Studio Demo Take Two)
3) Forever Loving Jah (Studio Demo Take One)
4) Forever Loving Jah (Studio Demo Take Two)
5) Redemption Song (Band Studio Demos Takes One - Three)
6) Redemption Song (Alternative Band Studio Demo Take One)
7) Redemption Song (Alternative Band Studio Demo Take Two)
8) Burn Down Babylon (Studio Demo Take One)
9) Burn Down Babylon (Studio Demo Take Two)
10) Stiff Necked Fools (Studio Demo)
11) Buffalo Soldier (King Sporty's Demo)
12) Buffalo Soldier (King Sporty's Mix)
13) Mix Up Mix Up (Studio Demo)
14) Give Thanks And Praises (Studio Demo Take One)
15) Give Thanks And Praises (Studio Demo Take Two)
16) Trench Town (Studio Demo Take One)
17) Trench Town (Studio Demo Take Two)

Disc Ten: The "Confrontation/Black Ark/Final" Sessions:
1) Rastaman Live Up (Don't Give Up)(With The Meditations)(Original Version)
2) Blackman Redemption (Studio Demo)
3) I Know A Place (Black Ark Studio Original)
4) I Know A Place (Alternative Mix)
5) Who Colt The Game (Black Ark Studio Original)
6) Who Colt The Game (Alternative Mix)
7) Babylon Feel This One (Unreleased Studio Demo Take One)
8) Babylon Feel This One (Unreleased Studio Demo Take Two)
9) She Used To Call Me Dada (Unreleased Studio Demo)
10) Real Good Time (Bass Is Heavy)(AKA Confrontation)(Unreleased Studio Demo)
11) Wounded Lion (Unreleased Studio Demo)
12) You Talk Too Much (Unreleased Studio Demo)
13) Real Good Time (Bass Is Heavy)(AKA Confrontation)(Full Length Studio Demo)
14) Wounded Lion (Full Length Studio Demo)
15) You Talk Too Much (Full Length Studio Demo)
16) Unknown Instrumental #One
17) Unknown Instrumental #Two
18) Unknown Instrumental #Three
19) Unknown Instrumental #Four
20) Unknown Instrumental #Five



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