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my name is Filipe and I'm from Portugal.

I build complete kits, necks and bodies for all you DIYers out there. These are built using a CNC machine and they are top quality. Unlike many kits out there, fine woods are used and set-neck guitars kits (like LP-style or PRS-style) are REALLY SET-NECK and not low cost bolt-on variations.

At this time I build Tele-style, Strat-style, PRS-style, LP-style and Flying V-style bodies, necks, scales and complete kits. Even a complete guitar can be made!!

All at an amazing price.

Here are some pics of my work I hope you like it.

This is a PRS-style with Mahogany body, Swamp Ash top, Ebony fretboard with Oak inlays:

If you want anymore pics of the other kits and are interested in my work, please contact me to [email protected].

I only use PAYPAL on my transactions. It's easy and safe for buyer and seller ;) No other payment method will be accepted.

All the best and ROCK ON!!!
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