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boston: 1976-09-27 Cleveland, Ohio
Venue: Agora Ballroom
Source: Pre-FM (Recorded and broadcast by WMMS)
Lineage: Original, silver CD bootleg on the SuperSonic Lable (99003 SS) ---> EAC ---> WAV ---> FLAC (Level 8)
Band Members:
Lead Vocals & Guitars - Brad Delp
Guitars & Organ - Tom Sholtz
Guitars - Barry Goudreau
Bass & Background Vocals - Fran Sheehan
Drums & Background Vocals - Sib Hashian
This show was seeded on DIME some months back, but mine is ripped from the original silver CD pressing.
The SuperSonic bootleg label put out a gem of a product with this show.
Not only is the sound quality out of this world, but the artwork is stunning as well.
There were not many made, but if you ever come across it...snatch it up!
I paid a nice amount of money for mine and I frankly can't believe I'm sharing it here on DIME, but that's what I'm doing.
This show was allegedly taken from the WMMS radio station vaults by a disgruntled employee and sold to the bootleg label.
To that criminal, I have this to say - THANK YOU! That is the alleged story, whether it's true or not I don't know, but it made it's way out of WMMS somehow.
The performance itself is truly remarkable. It was recorded only a few weeks into the tour for the debut album and shows a band giving their absolute all.
Brad Delp sounds great! Sholtz and Goudreau trade leads frequently and the fireworks they create are spectacular.
Bass player Sheehan and drummer Hashian, hold down the grooves well throughout and contribute serviceable background vocals as well.
Considering Sholtz played almost everything on the studio record himself and Delp did lead and background vocals, the parts are covered very well by the live band.
Though, the background vocals can't match 4 or 5 overdubbed Delps.
Highlights include a very early version of "A Man I'll Never Be", (which would later appear on the Don't Look Back album) and a blistering version of "Foreplay/Long Time" as well as a few gems that never made it on their studio albums.
All in all, a hell of a show and one that no Boston fan should be without!
- Ryan "Lil King"
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