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Posting some of my favorite Boston shows in memory of Brad Delp. Here's a show that may or may not have been posted here before. (Can't remember where I got it.) It's been on my hard drive. This comes from our Scandanavian friends (Maybe Demonaor or Skyttekungen originally posted this here long ago?) Always fun to listen to a crowd from Sweden chanting Boston, this crowd was ready to rock!! ... Here's the info. Enjoy! :thumb:

Boston-Live In Gothenburg '79
(No Artwork...)
Quality: B-

01.Rock And Roll Band
02.Help Me To Forget
03.Piece Of Mind
05.Don't Look Back
06.More Than A Feeling
07.Man I'll Never Be
09.This Time I'm Ready
10.Foreplay/Long Time
11.Something About You
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