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Gonna post some of my favorite Boston shows in memory of Brad Delp. Here's a show that may or may not have been posted here before. This one is a solid A on quality. Nice clean vocals on this recording. I think the files are organized per CD but you'll need to arrange them in order of song below if you're going to do anything with them like burn them or Ipod them. (Can't remember where I got it.) Here's the info. Enjoy! :thumb:

Boston - Stagestruck..
Live in Mankato, Minesota
May 16 1995 (Walk On Tour).
Quality is around an A- to A.
No artwork for this show.
(Unless I've made some in the past? Have to look.)

Star spangled banner
Rock n roll band
Peace of mind
Its been such a long time
Cool the engines
Surrender to me
Livin' for you
Don't look back
The journey
Mankato blues
More than a feeling
Guitar and drums jam
A man i'll never be
Were ready
The Launch
Walkin at night
Walk on
Get organized
Walk on (some more)
To be a man
I think i like it
Whats your name
Foreplay/Long time
Feelin' Satisfied
Its easy
Smokin (cut)

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Yes thank you I think I was at this show.Boston did a few shows in Mankato and I believe this was one of the first if not the first Rock show put on in this venue.To bad about Brads death I'm sure he'll be missed.

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Thanks for the Boston post - much appreciated. I was 14 when More than a feeling was released - still love the song/vocals and Boston now

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vanhalenfan79 said:
R.I.P. Brad :(
its great to hear this tour because its got Brad co singing the Walk On material. it makes you really wonder how great Walk On wouldve been with this then new boston sound which is real rockin, and with Delp singing lead. He does have a co write on the song Walk On probably from the early 80s or the third stage days it dates to.
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