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Posting another show in memory of Brad Delp of Boston. Enjoy! :thumb:

Dec.10.1988 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Winnipeg Arena
Third Stage tour
[audience recording]
Artwork Included (Front, Back, Inside)
Quality: Strong B

Notes from person who Transfered:
Here is a nice concert from Boston's "Christmas in Canada" tour, the second leg of the Third Stage tour. If you ever saw Boston on the Third Stage tour, it was a blast. Boston was hot! hot! hot! and the crowds were so fired up! They played sold-out large indoor venues, oftentimes several nights in the same city. This brief tour was interesting because Boston scrambled up their setlist and performed the unreleased song "Television Politician" to the surprise of everybody in attendance. But what makes this particular night special is that they played "Hitch a Ride" in its entirety. It's the only night that I am aware that it happened... ever. Maybe they did it by accident, but they did it and it sounds great!
The recording of this concert was done using unknown equipment. It is stereo and not distorted so we know there were two good quality mics used. There are cuts where presumably the tape flip occurred, so I assume it was originally recorded on cassette tape. The cuts occur between "Don't Look Back" and "The Journey", at the beginning of "To Be a Man", at the end of CD-1, and at the beginning of "Can'tcha Say". There are also cuts during the long sections of applause before each encore.
I made this CD set from a copy of the master on normal bias tape. There is some tape hiss present but it is not at a distracting level. Overall, I rate this recording a solid B or maybe even an A-. The only edits I made was to raise the volume level slightly on the last segment since it was a little low compared to the rest of the concert. This did raise the level of the hiss along with everything else, but it seemed to be the right thing to do. Other than that I did not even normalize it.

Band lineup:
Brad Delp (lead vocals, some rhythm guitars, some keyboard)
Tom Scholz (lead guitars, rhythm guitars, keyboards)
Gary Pihl (lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backing vocals)
David Sikes (bass, backing vocals)
Doug Huffman (drums)
Here are the songs.
Rock & Roll Band (4:27)
More Than a Feeling (4:51)
Instrumental jam (4:27)
Television Politician (3:37)
Tom Scholz guitar solo (4:48)
Don't Look Back (6:15)
The Journey (1:59)
The Launch (2:19)
Cool the Engines (4:24)
My Destination (1:59)
A New World (1:40)
To Be a Man (3:29)
I Think I Like It (4:23)
Brad speaks (0:39)
Peace of Mind (5:12)
Something About You (4:17)
(total 58:52)
Amanda (4:21)
We're Ready (3:54)
Hitch a Ride Instrumental Segue (2:30)
Hitch a Ride (4:10)
Can'tcha Say/Still in Love (6:39)
Party (5:16)
Foreplay/Long Time (10:43)
Feeling Satisfied (4:33)
Let Me Take You Home Tonight (5:31)
Hollyann (extended version) (9:20)
(total 57:03)

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Thank you so much for posting this show. i was very upset when i heard of brads passing. Hitch a ride is one of all time favorite songs. thanks again.

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very upset by about the passing of Brad Delp. What a unique voice. He will be missed. Thank you for posting this show. I can't wait to hear it.
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