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A buddy of mine sent me this post from another forum so I will post it as is so we can think about the possibilites. Note:: I didn't write any of this stuff I just copied it out of my email and pasted it in here.

Here ya go straight from my email box to our 101 box :D

Danielpotesta of the Maiden BB posted the following information on an upcoming The Second Ten Years Box Set, however without any clear or reliable source:

The Second Ten Years Boxset coming Christmas 2005/2006

To include:

12 Enhanced CDs with video segments (some previously released, and other new video footage, interviews, etc).

Each CD will include commentary by a member of the band similar to the 'Listen With Nicko' segments featured on the 'First Ten years' set.

3 DVDs (as yet unknown, but will be live footage)

As with the previous singles boxset, the 12 CDs and 3 DVDs will be released on a weekly schedule and will include a voucher. If the 15 vouchers are mailed in you will receive the box with which to hold your discs and a 60 page hardcover book that accompanies the set, and also fits within the box.

Second Ten Years and Beyond....

CD 1
Lord Of The Flies
My Generation
Doctor Doctor
Man On The Edge
The Edge Of Darkness
Judgement Day
Justice Of The Peace

CD 2
Hallowed Be Thy Name (live)
The Trooper (live)
Wasted Years (live)
Wrathchild (live)
Fear Of The Dark (live)
Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter (live)
Hooks In You (live)

CD 3
Wasting Love
Tailgunner (live)
Holy Smoke (live)
The Assassin (live)
From Here To Eternity
Roll Over Vic Vella
No Prayer For The Dying (live)
I Can't See My Feelings

CD 4
Public Enema Number One (live)
No Prayer For The Dying (live)
Be Quick Or Be Dead
Nodding Donkey Blues
Space Station No. 5

CD 5
Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter
I'm A Mover
Communication Breakdown
Holy Smoke
All In Your Mind
Kill Me Ce Soir

CD 6
Blood On The World's Hands (live)

CD 7
Virus (edited version)
My Generation
Doctor Doctor

CD 8
The Evil That Men Do (live)
Man On The Edge (live)
The Angel And The Gambler (edited version)
The Aftermath (live)

CD 9
Out Of The Silent Planet
Wasted Years (live)
Aces High (live)
The Wicker Man
Man On The Edge (live)
Powerslave (live)
Futureal (live)
Killers (live)

CD 10
Wildest Dreams
Pass The Jam
Blood Brothers (orchestral mix)
Dance Of Death (orchestral version)
More Tea Vicar

CD 11
No More Lies
Paschendale (orchestral version)
Journeyman (electric version)
Age Of Innocence... How Old?

CD 12
Run To The Hills
22, Acacia Avenue (live)
The Prisoner (live)
Run To The Hills (live)
Children Of The Damned (live)
Total Eclipse (live)

I work for Volkswagen who has a team of consultants from a company called Accenture. They are a MSP (Microsoft Solution Provider). One of the guys saw my desk and that I was an Iron Maiden fan from the stuff that I had. We always talk about them. Anyway, Accenture works with EMI on some Microsoft digital music venture and he has been working with EMI on this for the last year or so. He emailed this to me from EMI's internet site.
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