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I see all the hype lately on Brazilian rosewood fret boards. Do they really make a difference. Thank you


Ok, let me put on my bullet proof vest first before I answer this one! This is a big controversial question that has been circulating for some time and I an constantly asked about this so this is MY opinion on it bases on my 20 years in the business

I personally cannot hear the difference. Now that said I Will explain why and this is not in any way negating what other people may hear. I have tortured myself many times taking old les paul that are identical and the new ones with Brazilian boards and the new ones without and at the end of it all I am more puzzled than ever.

I feel Brazilian rosewood has a better tone and character than Indian on acoustic guitars. So it has to have an effect on solid bodies. All my favorite guitar have brazilian boards on them. So with that said I guess it does make a difference when combined with ther other structural aspects of the vintage guitar.old wood is always better than new wood. But I feel the Brazilian rosewood in conjunction with other old wood other old pickups other old glue is what makes the difference not just the brazilian board. So i am a big fan of Brazilian boards but I cannot HONESTLY say you can hear a difference by just replacing the board.

I am sure if you took a 2003 Gibson Brazilian board les paul and compared it to an exact 2004 none brazilian on a sound wave scope you may see a difference. In fact I am sure it is difference, but through a Marshall amp I cannot hear it. Through any amp actually I have tried this test through many amps old and new and to me it is all the same.

So in conclusion. All my favorite vintage guitars have Brazilian boards. I think the board matters but only when it is put in the perspective of the rest of the vintage guitar itself and not alone. can I honestly say buying a Brazilian rosewood board on your new les paul will change what you hear. I would say no . Agian This is from my expieience from selling thousands of vintage guitar over teh years and personally comparimng them all. Maybe you can but I cannot

If you have any other questions please contacet me at

Thank You

Jim Pasch
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