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Brian May -
Rio de Janeiro;
November 9, 1992

This merge has been constructed from the audience tape, Gypsy Eye's bootleg of the radio broadcast, and what seems to be
the broadcast that accompanied the footage in the DoRo documentary with the latter being used for the bulk of the show.

Together, these sources yield a show that is complete apart from 2 small cuts during the guitar solo, and before Driven By You.

While constructing this merge, I applied volume adjustments to the Gypsy Eye source with the intent of smoothening a few of the
the transitions but left the other 2 untouched apart from the fade-ins and fade-outs.

Broadcast Used In Documentary - *
Gypsy Eye Bootleg - **
Audience Tape - ^

1. The Dark **/^
2. Back To The Light **/^
3. Driven By You */**/^
4. Tie Your Mother Down */**/^
5. Love Token */^
6. Love Of My Life */**/^
7. '39/Let Your Heart Rule Your Head */**/^
8. Too Much Love Will Kill You */**/^
9. Now I'm Here */^
10. Guitar Solo */^
11. Resurrection */^
12. Band Introduction ^
13. Last Horizon */^
14. Hammer To Fall */^
15. Let Me Out */^

Thank you to wnilsen, Ale Solan, and The Real Wizard for sharing the audience tape, Gypsy Eye broadcast, and the broadcast from the
documentary respectively.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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