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BBM(Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore):
June 20, 1994
Palacio De Los Deportes

101 Waiting In The Wings
102 City Of Gold
103 I Wonder Why(You Are So Mean To Me)
104 Sitting On Top Of The World
105 Glory Days
106 Naked Flame
107 Deserted Cities Of The Heart
108 Can't Fool The Blues
109 Rollin' And Thumblin'

201 High Cost Of Loving
202 Tales Of Brave Ulysses
203 Why Does Love(Have To Go Wrong?) ~ Encore Break
204 Politician
206 Encore Break ~ I Feel Free ~ Encore Break
207 Spoonful

Gary Moore: Vocals, Guitar
Jack Bruce: Vocals, Bass, Harmonica
Ginger Baker: Drums
Tommy Eyre: Keyboards

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thanks for posting ghostface, great audience recording, gary plays some flamenco guitar at the start when they first come on stage !! :grin:

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link still good! f.f. but hey.

i might have this but who knows where it went...

ghostface, you always had yr stuff in flac too, didn't you?

a buddy of mine tries for flac, almost always - do you still run yr site?

thanks for this!
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