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(Jack Bruce,Ginger Baker & Gary Moore)
The Marquee


Remastered version of source #2
Linage:cdr from trade->Cool Edit Pro 2.1(remastering)->TLH(aligned SBE & FLAC level 8)
Personal subjective rating:B

Total running time: (80:30)

Disc 1

1.Waiting In The Wings
2.City Of Gold
3.I Wonder Why(You Are So Mean To Me)
4.Sitting On Top Of The World
5.Glory Days
6.Naked Flame
7.Deserted Cities Of The Heart
8.Can't Fool The Blues

Disc 2

1.High Cost Of Loving
2.Tales Of Brave Ulysees
3.Rollin' And Tumblin'
4.Why Does Love(Have To Go Wrong?)
5.I Feel Free

The Band:
Jack Bruce(vocals,bass)
Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Ginger Baker(drums)
Tommy Eyre(keyboards)

This is the infamous first BBM live gig. Where according to the band,almost everything went wrong,and they wanted to split up immediately after it.
Comments of this can be found in this torrent

I have two different sources for this gig. The other recording of this sounds slightly better. However its only 73 minutes,and also all inbetween songs chat and tuning time,which there were a lot of at this gig is left out.

This recording was running to fast so its been pitch corrected -1,18 semitones. Seems they played very loud on the night,so I also decided to take the edge of the bass, as this was a way too bassy recording,so I've done some EQ'ing aswell.

What else can I say about the recording,well there are some faults.First of all the traded disc I recieved had two versions of "Naked Flame" following eachother,so someone had been a little sloppy when transfering from tape to disc.
Soundwise already 1:10 into the first song there is some problems which I couldnt fix,and there is occasional mic fondeling through out the gig,luckily mainly inbetween the songs.

As usual please keep this circulating in the best possible format,and please listen to the samples before downloading.

remastered & uploaded on Dime by rideinthel july 2008

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