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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
“Are You Alive?” Kivak Master Series
Mid-Hudson Civic Center- Poughkeepsie, NY
March 14, 1977
Audience Recording
Cassette>CD>Wav>CD Wav Editor/Magix/Roxio

This 13 song show is an all out thrill ride! The setlist is sweet including “Don’t Look Back”,
“Something In The Night” and “Action In The Streets.” This also includes the long version of
Backstreets with the dramatic story interlude with Bruce wishing God would send angels to blow
the town away. Something in the Night is beautiful! The Miami Horns make an appearance during
“Tenth Ave” and the rarely performed “Action In The Streets.” There are a couple of small
glitches with a few seconds of the beginning of “Tenth” missing and a couple of spots in
“Spirit.” But, overall this is a nice recording worth having. Joe Kivak grabbed another good one!

Fanatic Records and Mr Anonymous proudly present the Kival Master Series!

Rob –Fanatic Records

Night 4:11
Don't Look Back Spirit 3:03
In The Night 8:12
Something In The Night 7:05
Thunder Road 6:39
Mona - She's The One 11:57
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 4:44
Action In The Streets 5:23
Backstreets 13:26

Jungleland 10:13
Rosalita 13:31
Born To Run 6:15
Quarter To Three 10:47

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